My hair? Really?

This is a first for me. I have very long waist length dark and extremely thick hair. I have always had people comment on it. Its kind of part of me if that makes sense. Apart from my height it’s the first thing people notice about me.

I have pictures online that people can see. They are provocative. But I didn’t think the thing that would turn anyone on would be my Hair!

Wft this guy wanted me to sit down with my back to him. He wanted to put his wet cock in my hair and wank it till him came. He didn’t want me to talk. He just wanted me on the phone while he wanked looking at my pics……what the actual fuck! very odd. I didn’t get it!

22 thoughts on “My hair? Really?

      1. lol, I’d never let a guy spooge in my tresses, but they do like to grab a gob sometimes while they are spraying my back! hahaha! like yours, mine is super thick and curly. They just love burying their fingers in it sometimes. But yea, coming on it? fuck NO!! ❤︎

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      1. Hmm, I think body hair fetish is kind of in its own class….I think men like to spray jizm on whatever it is that turns them on. Makes no sense to me, since the very last thing I’d want to do to express my admiration is to squirt yuck all over someone’s face, etc., but since I’m not a man (thank heaven), I’ll never understand….

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