I’m so sad

I’m a mancunian……

34 thoughts on “I’m so sad

      1. I know…I weep for those families… 😪

        I’m watching the late night news right now and they are reporting that many have not made contact with their loved ones yet….

        I’m so, so sorry this happened in your town. Please be well, sweetheart.

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      2. I couldn’t think of anything worse than not being able to find my child.
        We have been through a bombing before. I feel the best thing is to not let terrorism win. And live life as we did before….xxx

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  1. Woke to the news from the BBC. It’s a sad day when any lives are lost, in any country, but to target a music event known to be predominantly young people in attendance is disgusting. Manchester will move on as a city and a community, as did London, however, the families will not for a long time. Finding closure from such pointless acts of violence must be a perpetual torment. My thoughts are will the families today.

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      1. The world is always much smaller than it seems it should be and in communities like ours the ripples travel far and wide and so many are affected and lives are touched. That kindness transcends in the face of the horror is an important thing though.

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  2. As I watched and was angered….it didn’t even dawn on me I might actually know people in that area of the world. People who really know what it is like to be afraid of real bombs. God keep you close, my friend. This horror is beyond reasoning. Gentle hugs to you and yours and to those who have survived and those who have lost.

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    1. The IRA bomb ripped this city apart. That was devastating. But there were no deaths. It had to literally rebuild itself. Now it’s a LBGTQ friendly and a multicultural place. It’s the second city. But because of that’s it’s always been a target. I just didn’t expect it to be as shocking and horrific as it has been. Utterly disgusting act. I’m not sure how much you have seen. But the people came out in droves to help. It made me proud in such a terrible time

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