Are my callers all weirdos?

Iv been getting more and more risqué and deviant calls. It’s made me think about what’s going on with people. I’m going to talk about men as I only get calls from men. I can’t talk about womens other than my perspective.

I feel like callers are trying to push boundaries and acceptability. A lot of what I used to talk about was fantasy. Stuff people thought about but wouldn’t actually do. But I feel like the lines are becoming blurred for my callers. I’m getting calls from real life situations ie work, home (when people are around), even a sex party! They are telling me things that are very questionable, some of which I can’t print. I feel like I’m having to question them and their motives. I’m not in this job to do that. But I’m intrigued to find out how people work and why they feel sometimes uncontrollable urges to do things. There’s always a plausible reason that’s usually very thought out. I’m not saying I agree with them. But I understand their reasoning.

I’m not sure if people just feel comfortable with being open about their sexual fantasy/kinks because as a society we are surrounded by sex. Or if it’s me that enables them to be a person they want to be. But Iv definitely noticed a change in tone and a change in the levels of risk people are willing to put themselves through. It’s almost like they are chasing new highs. For instance something that might have got people of five yrs ago now seems a bit vanilla so they move on to achieve a bigger thrill.

I feel like maybe I’m a bit desensitised to it all. The reason I say this is whenever I tell anyone the kind of calls Iv had, people seems genuinely shocked. They question if I’m OK about listening and engaging with these men. They seem to think of my callers as weirdos…..but what does that make me?

19 thoughts on “Are my callers all weirdos?

    1. Lol don’t worry about me I’m all good…..I’m the holder of secrets I don’t have any of my own… terms of my job I’d love to let people try it. It’s really fun and not really what people think. I only post the unusual calls. Most of the time it’s fun flirting

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  1. Ha, I used to work in a prison doing teaching work, the inmates were really easy to chat to, but then you start to think Well who is supposed to be the responsible on here? The plot thickens, and the rabbit hole goes deeper! Its all part of life I guess, but in the end, I’m glad I don’t work with those guys anymore – a captive audience for sure, but then they only tell you what they want you to hear, it was really a complex and difficult job at times! Xx

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  2. I know the feeling I used to manage mental health/homelessness services. I think that’s why I let what the callers say wash over me. Once I put the phone down I have to write down what they’ve said or I’d forget. Iv gotten very good at switching off

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    1. Yes probably for the best! The prison system is something I never really thought of as “OK” and of course most prisoners would agree – but then it all gets so complicated, you end up in the inevitable us and them situation.

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  3. Deviance in thought is really only imagination! And imagination can’t harm anyone or anything. I believe that many of your callers are using the taboo to get off, when in real life they wouldn’t “practice what they ask for”. Still the fact that you are open minded enough to accept their fantasies is doing a real service. I admit to enjoying hearing about your callers too! lol. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. I’ve been thinking something similar, that the edges are getting wider and wider, and people have to push farther and farther to get off. Like blood play, which totally freaks me out, but when I mentioned it to a 30-something friend he just shrugged and said, “whatever.” So if you’re seeing this type of edgy thing more frequently, for one thing, I know you’re good at drawing them out, and they will likely open up to you even if they wouldn’t to someone else. So in a rather meandering fashion I’m saying yes, there’s more deviance in the world, and yes, they tell you because you’re good at what you do and they’re damned lucky.

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    1. Yeah blood play freaks me a bit. My medical fetish guy does a bit. I just think we a more aware about fetishism and sexuality than ever. And like your friend we are a a bit “meh” about it. Thanks for the compliment xx


  5. I think the fact you are who you are opens it up to you callers to get in touch with some deep fantasies that they may not otherwise have been willing to allow to see the light of day… Things they may think about all the time, consider all the time, but not be able to speak of in their daily lives. I think it would be fascinating to just be a fly on the wall for one day, to witness what you see!

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing this post I found it very interesting. There’s a really applicable exploration of this idea in a book called “Our Cheating Hearts” written by a lady called Kate Figes. In it she talks about the idea that due to the popcorn nature of pornography and the fact there is basically instant access to every single fetish imaginable, the boundaries of what turn people on are becoming pushed more and more. I think it has similarities to addictive behaviour like using narcotics – once you get used to the initial high you have to chase something more intense and more extreme to get off. Interested to know what other people’s thoughts are on this though, whether it represents a natural curiosity or something more sinister.

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    1. I do think it similar to addiction. I’m not sure if it’s intentionally sinister. But it seems to be moving that way from what I hear for some people. It’s interesting for me to listen to it unfold so to speak


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