How did I get into my job?

Five yrs ago. I had what most people would consider a good life. But then everything change. I became a single mum, after my partner cheated when I was 6 mths pregnant. I kicked him out. Iv never seen him since. Iv never asked him for a thing. He’s never seen his son (his choice)  This meant there was only one focus in my life. My son.

I tried a few things from home. I had an online shop first. It didn’t work out. I just wanted to fit work around school and my sons needs.

Then I got my first sex line job after a friend recommended it. She had done it before and said it was easy if you’re open minded enough. I’d known they exist. But I’d never considered it before. I wasn’t shy or unaware of what it might be like though. But I was unprepared for the variety and need for me to be completely flexible.

I had to do an interview which was very odd, I felt so nervous. But the line I worked for took me on anyway. If I’m honest I had to do a bit of research. I also spent time on calls just asking questions. I figured the more I knew the easier my new job would be.

I looked at how some other girls promoted themselves. The pics that used etc. I decided I’d be different. I didn’t post overly sexual pics, or fake ones. I didn’t “get straight into it” when I answered calls. I figured that if I found out about people my calls would be longer if callers thought I was interested in them. I remember being very nervous in the beginning. Now it’s like second nature. I just switch into my fake character.

I didn’t earn much, but it was fine as I got the life balance I wanted so much. Line workers are like sub contractors, self employed. But that suited my life at the time. Weirdly it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I actually liked it.

I had to learn a lot about how to deals with calls. Difficult callers. Learn how to read the situation Etc.

After a few months I started to think about how much the line was earning off me being good at what I do. Which kinda pissed me off. So I decided I’d do it for myself and take my loyal customers with me.

I started working for me. It went well. I enjoyed it. Although then I had a different problem. I found I was totally reliant on those callers. Where would I get new ones if they didn’t call?

I felt like I needed to advertise, look at what I do as a business. With that in mind I  recently started thinking about having people working for me. If I was going to advertise why not make the most of it. I’d get people working for me. Which is where I am now.

Iv really thought about it. Done my research. Looked at the tech, advertising and costs involved. Looked at what I’d need to pay people (more than other lines. Which I don’t mind for good staff)  training, regulation. It’s more complicated than I thought but I will get there.

So Iv gone from losing myself  for a while, to chat worker to business woman! All because I’m good at talking dirty on the phone. I never thought I’d say that five years ago hehe



12 thoughts on “How did I get into my job?

  1. There is a real talent to your job! It’s more than talking dirty. It is the ability to discover and build on people’s fantasies. This keeps people coming back to you as you are meeting their needs. I liken it to being able to match a square peg with a square hole. That perfect match! Without that, people would continue to try other lines !

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