You can fuck off! Married fuck buddy

So after asking to pay to have sex with me on a regular basis. Then backing out (which I was ok about) He had the fucking audacity to ring me back and suggest that he might like to go back to his original request.

Well guess what you fucking cock!  You don’t have the fucking right to pick me up and drop me when you decide (It business!) you had your fucking chance. It’s done! I happy to chat/cam to you as normal. But not a fucking cat in hells chance am I meeting you for sex. Beg and be as charming as you like. It’s not happening!

How fucking dare you! I’m not a teenager who’s easily manipulated! I’m an adult who can see through you. I only thought about it in a business sense. If by me telling you this you decided not to ring back. Then BYE!

Don’t ever think I’m at your beck and call……I’m not!!!

Grrrrrr I’m so angry!!!!!


17 thoughts on “You can fuck off! Married fuck buddy

    1. It was a while ago. She sat in the room while he explained that he was feeling really horny and was struggling. He didn’t want me to get explicit but she asked him to tell me how he was feeling and what he’d like to do if he was free. She did direct some of his questions for him

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