Caught by his mum!

Few calls make me laugh so much as this one did. The chap I was speaking to was very chatty, outgoing and wanted to know about me. I answered the usual questions. Like how big are your tits? 38F. When did you last get fucked and buy whom?  Saturday by my fuck buddy. Blah blah blah. It’s like a script they all ask.

Anyways! He got into telling me how much he liked sucking pussy. Licking and tasting a juicy wet swollen cunt. He loved when a girl sat on his face and just abused his nose and tongue to pleasure herself. When she pulled her cheeks apart and asked him to tongue fuck her arse.

He asked if Id get naked and play with my cunt for him. Yes of course I will. I want to cum for you. You turn me on. My pussy is already starting to tingle with what you’ve just told me.

If you were here right now I fuck you all day long. Your tits are fucking amazing I’m looking at a pic of them right now he said. I bet you’d love a nice tit wank right now? Your throbbing hard cock nestled between by beautiful juicy round breasts, while I wank it. Gently sucking the tip through my breasts. Rubbing you on my erect hard nipples. I’m just rubbing my nipples right now. I love it. It makes my clit tingle.

Rub your clit for me I want to hear you moan…….FUCK!!!  He shouted. What? What’s wrong? My mother is walking up my driveway! (normally people just put the phone down. But not this guy.) what do I do!  What if she sees! He went into this panic thing like a teenager. I was to busy pissing my side laughing to offer any advice. OMG I can’t get my pants up. (It was like a carry on sketch) then as polite as possible he said thank you very much you were wonderful but unfortunately I don’t wish my mother to watch me playing with my cock. Goodbye I shall ring you back another time.

I was laughing so much I didn’t say bye, I had tears in my eyes. I love how polite us Brits can be sometimes.

16 thoughts on “Caught by his mum!

      1. There’s got to a tale in that.. can’t you just string them along and rack up a big bill?

        If nothing interesting there, how about a guy with suck a thick accent you couldn’t make out what they were saying? Lol

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  1. That’s really hilarious! He had to apologize and wrap up the conversation properly, while struggling with his clothes like a Benny Hill skit. That’s got to appear in a movie at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

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