The exhibitionist: Who likes tampons

Exhibition and the fear of getting caught combined together make for an intoxicating mix.

This caller loved both. He was explaining to me how he achieved the highs from both. Without his wife knowing.

If you asked me I’d tell you he is playing with fire, and he’s going to get burnt. Mainly because what he is doing is to close to home.

So to his thing! Putting himself on display. masturbating in awkward situations around his neighbours. For instance at his next door neighbours front door, stood on the window sil watching another neighbours doing the dishes, in the neighbour toilet etc. He also told me he had set up an incident so his trousers would fall down exposing himself in panties to a neighbour. The shock value coupled with the inappropriate aspect of this incident gave him a huge high and turn on.

All the way through telling me what he gets up to he was playing with his cock.

Then out of the blue he declares “Iv got a tampon up my arse” WTF I wasn’t expecting that! Er why I asked. I like the feel of pushing it in. But what I like the most is that it expands in my arse. So when I’m ready to cum I pull it out at the same time. It’s fucking amazing!!! I’m doing something taboo that I know I shouldn’t, plus it feels fucking hot when I pull it out. I love it! He declared. Er ok fair enough I thought.

He then told me he was going to put me on speaker phone (which I hate) I assume this was so he could pull and tug at the same time lol

I heard him cum as I was telling him how naughty, dirty and inappropriate he was. Afterwards he thanked me for not judging him, said goodbye and left.

When I put the phone down I was thinking isn’t it strange what people get up to behind closed doors.

15 thoughts on “The exhibitionist: Who likes tampons

  1. Wow. Just wow. Mostly the flashing bit.

    I mean I’m good with discrete exhibitionism, with say couples fucking on display, but flashing people is certainly entering sexual assault territory.

    I will admit that my immediate thought re the tampon was a bit ew but I am very new to ass play and I know it’s amazing for men especially….so fair enough if he doesn’t have an appropriate toy. He could be using worse!

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    1. It wasnt about not having a toy I asked that lol. It was about that he shouldn’t be doing it…Iv been known to be a bit of an exhibitionist lol so I get that. But I thought they way he did it with neighbours was a bit creepy and dangerous. It’s fine fucking in a park or something. But what he’s doing is to close to home I think

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  2. I read a story in a porn mag (remember those?? I’m talking 30yrs ago!) Anyhow, this story, this guy had rigged up a bottle strapped to his leg (or whatever) so that he could urinate while chatting to people at work, walking down the street, etc or wherever – it didn’t really turn me on to read it, at least, not enough to try it out, but I imagine it must have been relaxing to do this! I mean, you got to relax your bladder to pee, so I assume its relaxing to secretly pee while chatting to lovely women you fancy! But then people might be suspicious when you start doing “the shake” and so forth!! Haha 😀 😀

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