Shit on my wife please: why did I struggle with this?

I just never know who us going to ring. Or what they want to talk about. This is the first time anyone has spoke about a female doing this in a call.

The caller asked if Iv ever had a threesome. Yes I said. Was it FFM? Yes why I asked? I’d love to try it with my wife. Ok well we can talk about that if you’d like?

Do you like to be in charge?  Yes I do, would you like me to do that with you? (I asked that because that’s the way it normally goes) No he said I want you to be in control of my wife. I want you to treat her like shit. Tie her up. Spank her. Fuck her arse with a strap on. Piss on her. Shit on her, make her eat it. Just treat her like shes utterly yours to defile. To break her down and make her do what you want. Treat her like I do! I just want to watch.

This might sound like Iv got double standards. But its the first time Iv heard a guy say that. I felt weird about it (I did what he asked though, as it was a call) I don’t know if I felt like a strange woman’s solidarity thing. In that I thought I couldn’t do that to another woman. But I could easily do it to a man. Does that make me have double standards? Or was it because I struggled with the thought that I’d never been in her position. Did the control freak in me feel sorry for her lack of power?



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