Hiding from the visitors

I couldn’t hear when he said hello. He was whispering. Why are you whispering I asked? Because my flatmate has guests over. Ok so I don’t get why still? I’m in her room and I shouldn’t be……

Oh now I’m interested! I love it when I’m part of something risqué. What are you doing in there I asked. Iv got her black g-string on. Oh Yes!  I love this I was thinking. Are they dirty or clean? Clean he said.

Do you fancy her? Have you fucked her I asked. No I don’t fancy her, and Iv never fucked her. But I love putting her panties on and masturbating in them. Do you do anything else in regards to her? (I find it fascination the relationships between people) well Iv watched her in the shower, and I listen to her fucking sometimes. It turns me on. Iv looked through the gap in the door once. I had her panties around my cock. Does she have any idea you do this? Well she walks around practically naked. She teases me. I think she thinks I fancy her because she very attractive, I don’t, I just like that I have my little secret over her. (sounds like there’s a power struggle going on to me)

Iv got to go he said. He didn’t get play because I was to interested in asking questions. Oh well better luck next time hehehe

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