Mr passive aggressive: fucked by a transsexual

A few days ago I spoke to a chap who had just had his first experience with a man. This happened through putting pressure on his wife to do so. He says he is passive and that he wants his wife to have sex with other men. Then force him to be involved with the man. But he has lead the situation and his wife (unhappily) towards this. So I’m not sure how passive that actually makes him.

He told me he was away on business. He went out for an evening walk. He found himself in a gay bar. As soon as he walked in, he clapped his eyes on a very tall trans. Very tall. Large breast. Overtly sexually dressed. After they begun chatting she invited her crossdresser friend over. The caller said he felt like they knew he was passive and took advantage by forcing him to buy champagne and expensive drinks.

After a while his new friends decided to take him back to his hotel. The caller said as soon as they got back he was taken advantage of sexually. They bent him over and took turns to fuck him and face fuck him. He said it hurt, and that he was crying. (I was beinging to question whether he did or didn’t want this. Whether he’d gone to far and regretted) before I got to ask any questions the phone went dead.

This guy confuses me. He rings me because I look like his wife apparently. He says he’s attracted to me, but all his focus is on men or trans. He tells me he is passive, but I don’t think he is as he pushed his wife, plus he made the choice to go into a gay bar. He may be on a journey of discovery where other men are concerned. He may want his wife to become dominant. Cuckold him etc. But on the two occasions he’s tried with men he has told me it hurt and he didn’t want it. I’m not sure if the “being used and abused” element is what he likes as I never get a chance to talk to him properly. So I will see if he rings back again.

8 thoughts on “Mr passive aggressive: fucked by a transsexual

  1. What a weirdo! I hope you keep your true ID very secret, in your line of work there’s gona be some potentially unstable nut case’s coming out the woodwork! I’d tell them I’m stationed at the North Pole! LOL XX

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