Helping a gent who finds it difficult to meet women

I speak to people from all backgrounds and from all over the UK. As long as they a respectful I will chat and entertain anyone.

I have a lovely gent who calls. We spend a lot of time chatting about life and things in general.

The thing that separates him from other callers is that he has a disability. That leaves him unable to fulfil sexual desires. He has a strong speech impediment alongside his physical disabilities. Which I think hinders his confidence. He’s not good at meeting women, and therefore been single for a long time. I really take my time and put effort into understanding him. I try not to frustrate him by being rude or rushing him. Deep down he’s the same as all men who call. He just wants to cum.

I am telling you about him because I just want to make the point that not all my callers are horny fuckers with a kink. Sometimes it’s a guy with a basic need that he needs help with.

It’s nice to genuinely help someone with what I do sometimes.

10 thoughts on “Helping a gent who finds it difficult to meet women

    1. Yeah people can’t see past issues. I ex had a stammer. It never occurred to me not to take the time to get to know him. I guess not everyone is the same. I’m glad I can help this caller as he’s a really nice guy

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