Listen to me piss

I’m into golden showers he declared. Ok I said that’s fine.

Do you need a piss right now? Actually I do. Great would you let me listen to it he requested. Yeah sure you can.

I went to the toilet. We chatted chit chat as I did. As I sat on the toilet the caller asked me a series of piss related questions. It was like an interview lol

Q. Have you got a big bladder?                   A. Yes I make sure I drink two litres a day.

Q. Do you ever feel like you’re going to piss yourself before you get to a toilet?    A. Yes

Q.Do you need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet?                          A. No I dont

Q. So if you need a massive piss in the morning can I ring and hear it tomorrow morning?                                     A. No I’m sorry my son is around

Its ok he said. Can I listen now. Yes you can. I put the phone towards the toilet. Had a piss. When I finished I asked if he heard. He said yes I loved it. He then thanked me and left.

Man sometimes my job is odd! Lol

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