I’m sucking my finger!!

I find roll play a bit odd. But I do it anyway.

Today’s caller wanted to be my personal trainer while he seduced me. Fine I thought I can do that.

We got into it. Me doing squats. Him showing me what I’m doing wrong. Touching my bottom. Him telling me he likes my big bottom. Then bam! He’s caressing me. Kissing me. Brushing my hair away to kiss my neck and ear. So far that sounds fine. Until he did my pet hate…..kissing me down the phone! Ewwwwwwww. fuck! It’s creepy! Makes my skin crawl. He’s slurping and kissing down the phone. Putting his tongue in my ear. Ewwwwww stop it!

Luckily he moved on to ask me to bend over while he pulled my pants down to lick my arse. Do you have a vibrator There? Yes I do I said. Suck it like you’re sucking my cock. Nice and sloppy. So in my mouth went my fingers (I didn’t have a vibrator near me) So as usual I faked it in that situation. He told me how much me loved watching his cock being sucked. He wanted to hear me spitting on the vibrator, being really sloppy. So I gave him what he wanted to hear. Sucking my fingers and pretending to spit on my vibrator, moaning how much I loved having his big hard throbbing cock in my mouth. Pretending to gage on it. I loved the taste of it. His pre cum. Twisting my hands in opposite ways while sucking him. The louder I got. The more the caller loved it. He was very quiet in terms of saying anything. But he did like me telling him what a dirty bitch I can be. He loved me talking very dirty.


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