A question to my readers

I would like some help if possible? I am in the process of opening a line that would enable me to hire people to work for me. If you were to try my job. What do you think you’d need to enable you to feel confident in taking calls? Training etc?

Also do you think a sex line or a more specific line such as domination or mistress line would be best? As Iv not made my mind up

Please comment your ideas.

12 thoughts on “A question to my readers

  1. I wish you much success in this venture–sex sells so it should work. I think a general sex line leads to the most success but perhaps with a specialization–domination or femdom! So many guys long to be dominated but haven’t found someone to do it.

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  2. I’d like to think I’d be fairly confident without much training personally but I’d definitely suggest giving advice on how to handle difficult callers, as it sounds like you have had a few.

    Is there a way that you could allow the line to be flexible? So if the guy wants someone dominant he connects to someone who specialises in this? And if he likes to be dominant then he connects with someone different. That way you keep it broad and therefore maybe more successful, but you also offer a more personalised service to clients? x

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    1. The only way around that is to be how I am. Just taking every type of call and dealing with it……yeah difficult callers is a good idea. I had to learn by experience. It would have been nice to have some help


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