What will my neighbours think!

I live in a village that’s like stepford wives land. Everyone has a nice house two kids and a fancy car. I’m the only single parent here. Plus the only one at my sons school. So not surprisingly I’m very quiet about what I do. The judging eyes already burn a hole in my back.

My next door neighbours are new. They are out in the days time at work. So I never worry about if anyone can hear me. BUT they have builders in at the minute.

Today I took four calls. They came from a gent who likes to hear me cum by setting the situation around me being a dirty bitch while all my friends are boring. But only he can do what I need to satisfy me. And then I show off to my boring sex starved friends.

A sissy bitch who needs lots of humiliation, swearing, orders and loud voices.

A guy who also likes me to be dominant, in control, spanking, telling off. Naughty boy! What have you done to make me cross with you! etc

And a regular I told you guys about who likes car sex with his fuck buddy and myself.

I was very aware that the builders might be able to hear me. But I have a job to do. So I did it as I normally would. Shouted a LOT of obscenities, moaned a lot and faked an orgasm. A good days work all in all lol

After I had finished work, I went to collect my son. I was sat outside playing with him after school. The builders had finished for the day.

It was hilarious when they noticed me. I think they had clearly heard me at work.  I could just tell by the younger guys face he had heard me. Oh and the fact he shouted the other guy to say “oi I think that’s the bird next door”. To which he came out to have a look at me. But instead of a sex pot they got a normal mum. Lol

It did make me laugh. I wonder what they thought and if they will tell my neighbours.

15 thoughts on “What will my neighbours think!

  1. You know out here in India such kind of work is looked down upon, I mean we are a hypocritical society. When I started writing erotic fiction under my real name, men used to think I’m easily available. It’s sad. Sorry for drifting just felt the need of sharing.

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    1. I can imagine it would be looked down on. I’d imagine there’s social and religious restrictions in place. Plus with it being a patriarchal society I’d imagine women can’t be in control of what they do or express.

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