Married fuck buddy has lost his bottle

After much deliberation I decided that after my indecent proposal I had swayed more on the side of trying it at least once. To see how I actually feel about it.

When he rang back today we had our usual chat and fun. Before I broached the subject.

Man I wish I hadn’t bothered now! So after contemplating if I should or shouldn’t do it. I needn’t have bothered. He’s lost his bottle!

He had got carried away with the situation. He is fearful of the consequences for himself if the worst should happen. (I don’t blame him really, I’d be the same) He has also suggested that he wouldn’t be as confident in person as he is on the phone (fucking wimp! Now that makes me think he needs a spanking!) He realised that he’s happy but missing excitement in his life. He also acknowledged having a fuck buddy was the wrong way to go about changing that for him. He’d rather keep the excitement less risky. He wants things to stay the way they are. Which I get and that’s fine by me.

So all in all it wasn’t meant to be. I’m glad really as I felt relief afterwards. So I’m pretty sure that I would have regretted it if Id gone through with it.

10 thoughts on “Married fuck buddy has lost his bottle

    1. Iv spoken to him ever wk for over a yr. I used to make fun of him when he suggested it in the past. He’d always say I’m not joking. I’d say I was more convinced he’d do it than not. But everyone is brave when there on phone or cam. I’m a little surprised but also relieved. I won’t ever consider it again


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