Knee in the balls. Outch !

Hi, how old are you? Was the first thing he said. I’m 41 is that OK? Yes thats good. I take it you’re an experienced woman? Well that’s subjective but I’d say yes lol

Have you ever kicked anyone in the balls? Yes I have. I used to see a guy that liked his cock bitten and teeth scrapping his cock when I gave him a blow job. He also like a kick in the balls, literally….that’s so fucking hot. If I pinned you up against the wall what would you do to me he quizzed. I’d knee you in the balls I said. Why would you do that to me? Because I haven’t given you permission to touch me.

I so want someone to kick me in the balls. Are you near a computer? Yes I said. Well you watch something on YouTube with me? Yes sure I will I said. (I think it was called ball buster)

So we watched a film of a guy getting his balls smashed. Would you do that to me? If you paid me Yeah sure. Fuck that’s horny. I’m young and I can’t find anyone that doesn’t think it’s weird. Oh I think it’s weird lol but if that’s your thing it’s your thing!

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