Forbidden fruit: part three

Iv told you guys about the gent who has a weird fascination with his step mother. Shes young and hot. But also cheating on his dad who is much older. She’s a trophy wife.

The caller snoops in her room when she’s not around. He hasn’t confronted her yet about the cheating. (he wants to so he can have a hold over her, and maybe get her to suck his cock) But he has been getting off on inappropriate things. For instance she walked past his room while he was playing. He left the door open to see if she would say anything. She looked but carried on walking by.

When we were chatting he said listen to this. I could hear a buzzing. Is that a toy I asked? Yes it’s hers. She hasn’t cleaned it. What are you going to do with it? I’m going to put it up my arse or cum on it. I know it’s bad but I know she will use it. In my head it’s one step away from fucking her. I get my cum or arse juice in her. (WTF) I asked if that turned him on. I was laughing at his sick way of viewing things. Yeah I love it. I get off on all the little secret things I do.

Then something happened. I’m not kidding. This is genuine. I could hear a phone ringing. The caller has the toy in his arse. FUCK its her one min.

As I sat listening to the very normal conversation about walking the dog! Of all things. I couldn’t help but find the humour. I was laughing my head off. When he came back he was laughing to. Man what timing he said. I can’t believe that just happened!

I think he got in a rush afterwards. He started taking about her. Fucking dirty slut! Shagging about! Whore showing herself Off! Not fucking wearing a bra. I was egging him on. The he said this…… She wants her cock and eat it to!!  Yet again I fell about laughing. I couldn’t take him serious.

But after we both laughed I got it together and did my job. Before she got home to walk the dog!


7 thoughts on “Forbidden fruit: part three

  1. Yikes. If she does use this vibe without its being washed, after being in his arse, she is likely to get a horrendous infection. Do you ever find yourself gently guiding your clients in matters of sexual health?

    The good news about fantasy is that it’s usually harmless. Sometimes things do come up which could actually lead to harm, though. It’s often very easy to lead them through the fantasy and a good larf (besides the usual thing), and afterwards, “Oh goodness, but we wouldn’t want our favorite hottie to get sick, after all, so….”

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  2. I used to give advice but Iv given up. The last time I did it was with stiletto up the arse guy. Mainly because he had nooooo clue. I felt sorry for him….but for those who should know better it’s there problem. I think he just likes the fantasy I don’t think it would ever come to anything. There’s a 30 yr age gap between her and his dad. But she knows she’s on a good thing and he knows she cheats, probably, but doesn’t say anything, well according to the son.


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