Who am I?

There are three me. One is the real me, one is me that men ring or cam. And lastly there is the me on WordPress. They are all me, different parts of my personality. Some play a greater part in my life that others. But that doesn’t mean they are any less me.

I am sure that lots of women who sell “sex” for a living are the same in wearing a few hats. I’m just going to try to explain my situation and the various parts of me.

Me number one: a single mum. I have a fraught relationship with family. Particularly parents. I’m close to siblings. I live in what most people would consider and affluent area. That’s mainly due to having a very well paid pervious job. I’m slightly eccentric. But very together, I know my own mind. I can be very assertive and stubborn. I’d say I am attractive, but conservative in dress. Although I don’t like underwear. I have a small circle of very close friends. I’m surprisingly clever. I’m interested in the arts, science, the outdoors and anything that makes me question. Despite being dyslexic I like to read. I’m very loyal. See the humour in most things and try not to take life to serious. But most of all I’m a mum. Everything I do is to fit around that. Kinda ruins the sex pot image lol

Me number two: The me most people are slightly transfixed with. I have  a fake name and persona. Clients don’t know. I act out this me. This is who I am at work. Overtly sexual, flirty, I look completely different, I’m curvy and attractive. I show off my 5.11 body. Long legs, large breasts. I wear a uniform in that everything I wear has sexual connotations. I swear a lot! This me is very open minded. Is open to other people sexual ideas. I have a complete nack of being able to work people out just by chatting to them. I facilitate. This me is naturally dominant, horny, imaginative and willing to try most things. I am super confident, in control. Even when I let a caller take the lead I’m normally pointing the direction. I feel like when I’m here I have less boundaries.

Me number three: I guess this is the me on here. I’m a mixture of both of the above. But still anonymous. I have to be for legal reasons. I project both of my first two personalities. But still hold a bit back. I’m not really sure what people think about me here. More than what I do. If that makes sense. I’m direct, short and to the point here.  As in life. I enjoy other people’s views on my work. I feel free and acceptance here. Even though I hold a bit back. I don’t feel like I’m judged or that I have to explain myself or choices I make.

15 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I’m smiling as I finished reading this. You, my dear, are completely normal! You are different people for different reasons. You are brave. You are someone I’d love to take tea with (I cannot stand coffee…..). And I absolutely LOVE you are slightly eccentric!

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  2. I would have thought you are the most honest here on WordPress given the anonymity or cloak that the platform provides. The other two are either a politically correct version of yourself, or a part you play in a show.
    I’d say the fact that you need to withhold certain parts of your stories doesn’t make the other stories or blogs any less real.
    I suppose only you can say how real what you do write here is, however I suppose there would be no need to fabricate, unless you feel a need to entertain and audience i.e. us.
    Look forward to reading more insights into your life.

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    1. Everything I write comes from an actual call. There’s no need for me to fake that as you say. But yes I do have to be careful. In regards to me. I guess they are all me at different times and depending on the situation


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