Passive aggressive

You look like my wife……. I do?

Yes, and she’s a horny fucker to! Ok. Well tell me about you then I asked. Well I’m a really passive guy he said. So if I was there right now I could wrap you up in clingfilm on the floor. Make you stick your tongue out and just pleasure myself? Oh yes I’d love that he said.

Have you got a boyfriend he asked. No I don’t. Why? Well I’d love it if you came here with a man. (out comes dave my character) really! I love this. Are you going to be my little bitch? Are you going to let me hold your head while he fucks your mouth, Make you wear lingerie while he you bends over and fucks your arse?

Well I have had my arse destroyed before….really? Tell me what happened I requested. Well I told my wife I’d like to see her with other men. We did this twice. I loved watching it. But it made me reaffirm something I’v wanted to try. I told her I wanted to suck cock. I want her to watch me get fucked by another man.

She really didn’t want to do it. I mithered the life out of her to do it. (so you’re not that passive then are you!) eventually she caved in. Two men fucked me. It hurt at first but then something changed and I really enjoyed it. I love my wife she’s gorgeous and I still want to have sex with her. But now all I think about is having my arse destroyed and used by other men. I want to choke on a huge cock. It’s causing problems as my wife doesn’t really like it.

I just wanted to get it off my chest and tell someone. What are you going to do I asked. I don’t know. I guess I have to suppress it.


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