Just when I think Iv heard it all


As Iv been thinking about what to do about my blog. Should I stay here or self host etc. (I’m going to self host) Iv been thinking about the content I put in and legality (which I checked with a solicitor, after I had a pang of what if I’m doing something wrong) I have also been thinking about how my blog is viewed.

Obviously what I put in my blog depends on the calls I receive. I only really blog one call per day. I did this because I wasn’t sure people would read. Also I thought I might run out of content or people might get bored. After all I’m sure people read enough about sex hehe

But my lovely callers never seem to let me down. They have a never ending stream of naughty fantasy and kinks. I may hear a few things over and over from different people. But what makes the difference is the personal spin that each person puts on their call.

I feel like I get a window into people’s very person space. Which I can share with anyone who reads my blogs. I feel like I’m in a very fortunate position. It’s real life. I don’t have the imagination to write erotica, or the writing skills. But I do have the skills to engage with my callers.

Sometimes it’s like groundhog day. Same callers ring back regularly. Some sporadically. That’s nice for me. But it’s never really anything new to talk about. Unless it’s an on going situation. Some have similar fantasies, or ones that are unique to them. But everyday there’s one call or maybe two that stand out. So just when I think Iv heard it all. I haven’t!

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