Using the neighbours panties

I’m obsessed with the lady next door he proclaimed.

Really why? She’s just so hot. Very lady like. Sexy. It started last summer when I saw her hanging her washing out in just a pair of panties. Wow she has an amazing figure. Juicy bouncy tits. She caught me watching but I didn’t look away and she didn’t flinch. Afterwards I had a wank. That’s how it started.

So what do you want to talk to me about? I have a pair of her panties! I have them around my shaft. I took them off the washing line a while ago. I feel close to her when I have them, I am super horny given I could hear her being fucked this morning.

Really? Yes I would have given anything to be in the room. The guy she’s fucking is so lucky. Very manly. I bet he has a gorgeous cock. He gave her a right pounding. She loved it! I heard her moaning,  she was talking very dirty (but I was trying to listen lol)  I heard her eventually cum. It turned me on so much. Iv already had a wank. But I’m still horny can you help me?

Let’s say you were returning the panties. But you can hear them. You go to investigate. I bet you’d love to just watch at the door?  Oh yes I’d love that. Watching him satisfy her. I think it would be nice if she knew you were watching. If she got turned on by it? Oh my yes that’s horny he said.

Maybe she might like to invite you to join In? Fuck yes I’d love that. I’d probably explode. Iv wanted her for so long. I want to lick her pussy. Suck her breasts. Fuck her pussy and arse. I’m so fucking hard imagining it.

I’d enjoy it if she asked me to lick her whilst bent over. I could gradually lick from her pussy to her arse. Taste her on my tongue. Fuck I want her!…… Whilst she’s bent over you could fuck her, you could watch him hold her head and face fuck her, with his big pre cum soaked cock.

She’s a dirty slut isn’t she? She’s greedy enough to want you both. And you deserve to fuck her don’t you? Tell me how much you want her? How you want to fuck her you pervy little bastard. Oh yes I do!!! I want to fuck every hole she’s got!  I want to watch him fuck her. I heard how much she enjoyed it.

I wanna swap with him. I want to ram my cock down her throat. Make her choke on it. I want to cum in her mouth. I’m gonna cum all over her face and bouncy breast.

With  that the phone went dead…..

Not even a goodbye!  Lol

7 thoughts on “Using the neighbours panties

    1. I don’t have them. Talking to.people isn’t exactly hard. The only recent one that was a bit weird for me was the guy who wanted to be dom last wk…Iv only ever had two calls Iv had to terminate for inappropriate reasons

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  1. Haha. Any money back guarantee?
    “Hey it’s been 3 hours and still not cum.. I’m chaffed, blisters on my hands and a sore back from that self-fellatio technique you suggested; what gives?!”

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