Creeped out!

Sitting face to face with someone without speaking even just for a minute I find uncomfortable. It makes me nervous. I’m itching to speak.

So doing that today naked on a camera. Freaked and creeped me out completely. The gent didn’t want me to do anything other than walk around. Sit down as I would normally do. No talking. Just looking forward in a non sexual way. While he had a wank. I know people might think that’s easy money. But it freaked me out!!

That probably says more about me than him lol

7 thoughts on “Creeped out!

  1. I had to laugh when I read this. The first lines made me think of mum, when she was mad at us kids. She’d do that silent treatment thing. Today, I cannot STAND to be around someone who is looking and not speaking. I can be with people who are silent, I like silence! But to be looked at in silence…Yes, creepy.

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