What is it about cars and sex?

How many people lose their virginity in a car? How many people use their cars for illicit meetings? Or even just the fun of being outside where you could get caught.

This caller loved everything about fucking in a car.

Over the yr or so we’ve chatted Iv seen him through having an affair with his ex girlfriend. Splitting up with his current girlfriend. Then continuing fucking he first ex when she’s in town on business. He’s a nice guy to chat to I enjoy it.

The thing that stands out is through all of the above. Is he only fucks his fuck buddy in a car. Even though they no longer have to. They drive out into the countryside and have sex, in the car.

He likes to fantasize about me walking by. (He’s told her he rings me)Maybe I sit on a bench and watch. He would catch me. He enjoys me watching. It turns him on.

He likes the idea of her inviting me over to get a better look. I request to get involved. Which she loves. He wants to watch me lick her pussy, to watch me sucking her clit. While my arse is in the air. He will lick and finger it. He’s begging to fuck my arse while I finger her pussy, licking and sucking her. I accept his request. Pulling my cheeks apart. Egging him on. Fuck my arse I’m a filthy bitch I need you inside me. He desperately wants to hear his balls bouncing off my arse. She’s getting more exciting. Moaning “fuck just like that, yes”. He fucking loves watching her cum on my tongue. He’s so turned on he cums in my arse.

He watches his hot sticky cum dribble out of my arse. Almost showing it off. Proud of himself. His fuck buddy gets up and moves around to my used arse. She begins to lick and suck his cum out of my hole. She turns to him and kisses him with it and my combined arse taste.

I get up and leave while she’s kissing him.

How used do I feel!

2 thoughts on “What is it about cars and sex?

  1. Bloody uncomfortable place to have sex if you ask me!
    Maybe in a van with a mattress, but even then the whole vehicle is bouncing around.

    Call me old fashioned, but a nice padded blanket under the stars is much nicer…

    You could still pass by, and let by girlfriend lick my cum out of your arse too! Bonus!

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