I am wrong? A married fuck buddy, who pays.

I’m a complete commitment phobe. The thought of being in a relationship freaks me out!

When I told you guys about my cash cow wanting a date. I decided it was best to lose him rather than entertain the thought. I also told you guys out of all the people I chat to there are a few people I actually quite like. So apart from the long gone cash cow. There is another.

I speak to him wkly. He has the most amazing voice. We’ve been speaking over a yr.I have seen him on camera. So I know what he looks like.

On Friday just gone he said the same thing he always does about wanting to meet me in a hotel when he’s here on business. As usual I brushed him off. He normally laughs and moves on. But not this time. This time he said why not?

Why the fuck would I meet you and fuck you? As much as I think it would be fun. It’s not a good idea.

I’m single I can do what I want, in a weird way you’re already cheating on your wife with me. But right now it’s kinda risk free and I get paid! So why would I or you trade that?

His answer which made me think was this…….look I’m the one with the moral bargain to uphold. I like you. You’re very different to my wife. But I don’t want to leave her. I don’t want to date you. I just want to fuck. I want you to be in control of me. That’s something I don’t get in my life. I just want a bit of fun. On a regular basis when I’m in town.

I’d be happy if you’d accept. Mainly because we could keep it business like. A transaction. I’d pay you what you asked for. Plus for the amount of time you want. I already do that now really. Plus I’d continue to call when I’m not in town. So why not?

Er actually yes why not I was thinking. I could do with a bit of excitement in my life. He’s never going to want anything more from me. I know he’s not unhappy with his wife. What I’m really thinking is. Would it really be risk free if she found out. And if she did would it be my concern. For me it would be work. Albeit fun well paid work. I’m just a chick who’d be facilitating his infidelity. I could be anyone. He’s already paying me for sex in a way. But should I do it? Am I going down a road I said I wouldn’t? In theory it’s perfect for me. In my situation I get sex, paid and no worries about having to “get involved” in a romantic way….But im not sure if I should do it?  Hmmmm


27 thoughts on “I am wrong? A married fuck buddy, who pays.

  1. Well there’s not much difference. I think there’s a moral dictate that society assumes for us, which gives the moral aspect more credence…..but I might as well get paid for it. I probably know more about him and have a better connection than most people who use tinder.

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  2. I think it’s too risky. You may have every intention in the world to not get romantically involved where your feelings are concerned but what if you do? I would keep it strictly telephone and video chat related only. That’s just my personal opinion (if you weren’t asking rhetorically) but you are a grown adult and could probably control your feelings. Just too risky if you ask me Hun x

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    1. I don’t have any feelings toward him now. I don’t view him like that. As a person I am very detached. That’s mainly because my whole life revolves around my son. The thought of having someone in my life romantically and poss my sons life. Frightens the life out of me.(obviously I know that won’t happen with him)That far outweighs anything else. It’s the reason Iv been single so long and keep everyone at arms length. I know some might find that odd….but there’s no danger of me viewing him in a romantic light….thanks for your kind response though xx

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      1. Lol- read the first line of your sentence. “I don’t have any feelings toward him NOW”… I- too, am a VERY detatched person. The only reason I feel so passionately about this subject is because I got caught up in something similar (minus the money- because that would of been a lovely bonus lol) but I went in with the intention of just wanting to get laid- nothing more nothing less and developed to more (on both sides) I had to come to my senses and say “I will not be accountable for breaking a happy home” and made the decision to end it. As humans, our moral compass is not always pointed in the right direction (I’m not insinuating you are a bad person- in fact. I think we are very similar) but just be careful huni. You’ve actually inspired me to write a blog post about my encounter with my fuck buddy who I ended up falling in love with. X

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      2. Curious about the concern of love/attachment aspect.

        From a sexual satisfaction perspective: if you were to rate the experience of sex with someone you don’t love , compared to someone you do, would you say the person you are in love with would win out?

        Or is it just lust based?

        WTF am I asking, of course it’s lust based. Just forget I asked. Lol

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  3. Sounds like it might be perfect for you–but the danger is in getting too attached. If you can manage that, then why not?? You get paid to dominate someone and you get pleasure. And the commitment is nonexistent. Sounds just like what you need.

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    1. That’s what I was thinking. If I go into it in a business sense I’m aware straight off that it’s work. I am now a bit wary as a few people have pointed out I might get attached. But Iv fucked people I’m closer to and still walked away….but it’s definitely a consideration I should think hard about. Iv been single five yrs. And my views on staying that way have got stronger…so we shall see lol

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      1. Yeah obviously he likes that I like to be in control. He has a fascination with the fact I’m curvy to. He’s bought into the fantasy I provided him. So Iv kind of made a rod for my own back….luckily most of it I like to so I will enjoy it to….plus I get power pissed which I lurve!

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  4. For some reason. It’s not allowing me to reply to your comment but I never got hurt by it because of my amazing detachment skills😎 But I would of if I didnt get out as fast as I did. I will def blog about it. (Give me 3 days max)- see if you can relate. Please keep us posted with what you decide to do. Good luck xx

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