I don’t believe a word of this

Bloody porn!!!!!

Like fuck your mother in law caught her daughter giving you a blow job, she watched for a little while. Only you noticed. She then joined in! Not happening mate. And they definitely did not suck your cock together!

La La land!

22 thoughts on “I don’t believe a word of this

  1. I never understood this desire that men wish to sexually engage with a parental figure. Sex with a step mother or mother in law? Sex with a step-sister or sister-in-law…at the same time?

    I can’t imagine my husband at any time fantasizing over my mother. I am going to ask him if he has ever had even the slightest thoughts around this.

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      1. Porn is such an odd industry and I, for one, have trouble relating to it. Thankfully, my hubby isn’t really into it, either. We’ve tried “spicing” things up with porn videos but we can’t stop laughing at the writing and “acting.” The sex is so cliche that it is hard to get aroused. I guess that acting out Oedipus Rex fantasies offsets the horrible elements of these films, for some.

        I will certainly let you know what he says. For the record, I have NEVER thought about my father-in-law in any way, shape or form other than as my husband’s parent. Sex with him? Yuck.

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  2. I do camera work but only with sissys or people who have kinks I can be in charge of. Mainly because of all the fake masturbation I’d have to do otherwise. So yeah the fakeness is weird. I get asked to watch it with clients sometime. It’s odd to me….. Good to know you’re not of the inclination to feel like that about in-laws lol


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