Neck choker

I don’t often speak to callers that live close by me. So when today’s caller realised I wasn’t a million miles away he let himself relax. We had a chat about regular things, laughed about poss passing each other in the street etc

During the conversation he asked about what I like to wear. If Id wear something backless. Yes I said why? Just asking he said. What about neck chokers? Well I wear a lot of scarves around my neck. I’d wear a choker, but only in the evening. The one I have is a bit over the top for the day.

What is it like he asked. Well it’s quite thick, diamanté and has a long chain at the back. I find them very sexy he said, would you let me see it on you? Well I’m not dressed for camming right now. “would you please let me watch you get ready. Put makeup on, tie your hair up and finish by putting the choker on?”…..Yes sure why not.

I put the camera on and did what he requested. He wanted me to act like he wasn’t there, or I wasn’t aware he was watching. Until it was time to put the choker on.

I told him I was ready. He had been slowly playing with his cock all the time I was getting ready. He asked me to sit in front of him topless. With my large breasts on show. They’re beautiful he said. Put the choker on he requested. I did as he asked. When it was on, he wanted me to slowly turn and show him it all the way around my long neck. He wanted me to caress my breasts while doing so.

He was stood up. Wanking. He wanted to suck my nipples. He was telling me he’d lick and kiss my neck then pull the choker tight while he fucked me slowly from behind. I’d be gasping but feeling the ecstasy of a throbbing cock in my pussy, at the same time as feeling a tightening around my neck.

He kept telling me how beautiful I was and he’d love to caress my neck, put his hands around me. Gently squeeze, leaving slight marks. So when I looked in the mirror afterwards it would be a reminder I was his. I encouraged him with gentile whispers of agreement. Until he came.

I don’t actually think I’d like someone’s hands around my throat. But as a fantasy it’s kind of hot.




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