Luckily I have leather seats.

This cracked me up laughing.

Getting older and retiring is a massive change for people and their relationships, particularly if there are extra circular activities going on ie an affair.

Today’s gent had been fucking his best friends wife for three yr. He explained to me that she’d told him she had never experienced an orgasm until she had started their affair. He also said once she started she got addicted to it. She’s very demanding he said.

But things are about to change he informed me. My wife is retiring on Friday so I won’t have the freedom I have now. I’m stressing over it….

When did you last fuck her? I asked. He explained it was a few days ago. He told me she is that horny she had cum when he is was kissing her. The first of a few as she can multiple orgasm. (when I hear something like this it’s my in) tell me how you made that happen?

I went over to her place. I kissed her in the kitchen. She had made an effort. Got dressed up and put sexy lingerie on. I fucked her in the kitchen, lounge and bedroom.

As he’s telling me ( in detail) and remembering I can hear him playing very fast. Just as hes mid climax he said the funniest thing Iv ever heard anyone say at that point……LUCKILY IV GOT LEATHER SEATS!

I fell apart laughing. Wtf who says that!! Normally it’s shouting to God, swearing or grunting out lout. But not this guy. I couldn’t stop laughing. Fortunately he saw the funny side. He proclaimed he’d never said it before. Yeah yeah I thought, I bet you have a leather fetish! Hehe

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