If you want a muse. Ask!

I’m a pretty easy going person. I take people at face value and accept what they tell me. I do this in work and life. I never been one to judge or question someone’s motivation unless there’s an obvious reason. Then I’m an utter bitch lol

I get that people reading what I write might find it odd or weird or they might be completely inspired and love it. Or might just accept it and read for enjoyment.

Iv had a lot of people contact me or want to get me involved in things they create online. I’m very flattered by this as I didn’t really think I’d be noticed, given the amount of great erotica writers out there. There are only a few  I can think of that Id want to get involved in. Because I enjoy what they do.

Iv never really done the online blogging/posting social media thing. But Iv learnt very quickly as I’m sure many of you have. There seems to be a very small percentage of people who use you and your content online. For themselves and their benefit. Now I can see how this could be mutually beneficial (remember I’m learning about WordPress etc) for all parties involved.

But what’s really pissed me off and it’s happened a few times. Is Iv had people follow me, Iv read their blogs back.Iv done this out of politeness, in my world I should at least read what someone else is writing if they take the time to read mine. Which can be difficult for a dyslexic person. I want to be in a community that accepts me, gets me and also vice versa. Where I can appreciate others to.

On a few occasions I noticed I stopped getting some posts I follow.  So I checked to see what’s happened. Then low and fucking behold!  They’ve written something that’s either based on me or something like me. Which is very very different to what they’d normally post.

FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!  At least ask me if you want to use me as a muse. I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t go all dark about it. Removing me from following you. Yet you still liking and commenting on my calls, asking me questions ect. Whilst!! writing stuff that’s very close to me and how I am as a person. It’s fucking creepy! Not to mention just plain bad manors.

Tell me if I’m out-of-order saying this? But I bet I’m not the only one who’s experienced this?



14 thoughts on “If you want a muse. Ask!

  1. Not sure what’s going on there, but one thing I learned the hard way: you can’t block someone from following you. For instance, if you’re getting my posts in your email, I can’t stop that happening. I wish I could! My ex-husband’s wife started stalking me and leaving bizarre comments. I tried to shuck her off my blog but unlike Facebook where you can unfriend and block, no such luck with WP. I had to manually block her many ISPs, and what a pain that was. Then I had some cranky fellow who threatened me with dire consequences because he was getting my blog posts in his email. This clearly means that he subscribed at some point, don’t you think? I’m a pretty good communicator, but this guy was like talking to a fucking rock. He wanted me to stop my posts coming to his email, and was furious that I wasn’t doing what he wanted.

    It’s annoying when people try to rip you off like that. Believe me, it’s a back-assward form of flattery. And fortunately, the kind of reader you will want is a discriminating sort, who knows the real thing from the cheap imitation😉

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    1. Thanks for this, let’s me know I’m not alone…..yeah clearly he subscribed! Idiot….wow she stalked you, that’s pretty bad! So there’s nothing you can really do on WordPress to stop it?
      Here’s me getting angry with people for ripping me off….bit petty when you consider your issues

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    2. If you go onto the dashboard and people and click for followers then there is the option to remove people. There is nothing to stop them from re-following as you can’t block them but you would get a notification if they followed again and you could remove them again. It is pretty easy. Hope that helps.

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  2. It certainly isn’t polite or respectful or right!!! Kind of like stealing then running away! I am not sure if it has happened to me, but I do know others that it has happened to. I have mentioned others and provided links to their blogs. I have mentioned specific posts (with permission) and included links. I have read other people’s posts and thought about the topic and written about it from my point of view but the writing and thoughts were mine. I don’t believe in plagiarism. I think that’s ok. At least I hope so.

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  3. Yuck!!!!!! I’d mention you in a pingback or a comment, but I’d never ever ever rewrite what you do. Dang, girl! I think about your experiences while I am out and about during the day and can’t even imagine trying to recreate them!

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  4. I don’t like this. I enjoy the fact that people feel comfortable to share on here and the behaviour you describe seems really low. I suppose you just have to feel sorry for a writer who resorts to stealing from the experiences of others without giving them credit as they clearly have little talent, imagination or moral integrity.

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      1. I can see why you wouldn’t as it is a betrayal. Seriously the stuff you experience I don’t think you could make up. It is great that it is real and it fascinates me. The imagination must be huge on both sides to get into the right frame of mind I imagine. I’m not sure I could do it.

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      2. I bet you could do it…I feed of my callers really. I just tell them what I know they want to hear. But it’s their kinks that’s make it interesting. I do actually enjoy it because no two calls are the same. Thanks very much for reading.


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