Dominate my bitch ex wife

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Today’s gent I feel struggled with his feelings towards his ex-wife. They had a very sexually experimental relationship. But had a very chaotic and acrimonious split.

We spoke for about an hour and half about her. Me at my counselling best!

He got around eventually to telling me how much he likes lingerie. He asked me what I’d wear if I was coming over to fuck him. I told him I like fifties lingerie, seemed stockings, suspenders, French knickers, bra etc. I like colorful lingerie. That’s all I’d wear, with a coat over. He loved this.

I want you to answer the door to my ex-wife wearing that. I want you to teach her a lesson.

I told him I’d open the door to her. She wouldn’t be impressed with seeing me. Come In I’d tell her. She’d refuse. I fucking insist, get the fuck in here. I’d grab her coat and pull her in. He’s sat on the chair watching. I’m going to teach you a lesson you slut. She’d try to argue back. But I every time she tried to talk I’d slap her face.

Now for all the hurt you cause I’m going to hurt you. Get undressed. She protest’s…. Get the fuck undressed, I say pulling at her clothes. She starts taking her clothes off. Looking vulnerable in her underwear. All of it I say. She ignores me. Β I spit in her face, I’m not fucking telling you again, get them off!

The watching caller is loving seeing her put in her place. He hands me a collar and lead.

Now bitch get on all fours we are going for a walk. No I’m not she says. I pull her hair downwards which hurts her as she pulls back. Another slap in the face and she caves in. Put the collar on, you will do it to willing I tell her. Β To which she takes it and puts it on. Good girl. I take the lead and attach it. Bark like a dog he tells her. Woof! She responds. The room is carpeted, so when I walk fast she struggles to keep up. It starts to rub and grazes her skin. Keep up you fucking whore, for a dog you’re not very well-behaved are you I can see I might have to whip you with this lead! You dirty cheating fucking slut….what are you? She repeats I’m a dirty cheating fucking slut.

The caller is loving it. He’s shouting abuse at her. While playing with his cock. He cums quite quickly.

I felt like that was scream therapy he says laughing. You’re welcome its all part of the service lol



12 thoughts on “Dominate my bitch ex wife

      1. Shhh or you’ll get all sorts of nutters like me apply!
        Multiple line sounds like an orgy 😁
        Just curious if only men like to do calls, or if there are women also keen on talking to a man in a similar way as you do with your clients…

        Liked by 1 person

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