Call from a sex party

When I worked nights I used to chat to a lovely Scottish guy. But I changed to days. Iv only do evenings in school holiday time. Which is this wk.

As soon as I heard his voice I recognised it (but it is my super power, voice recognition). Long time no hear he said which made me laugh. I could hear noise and people in the background. Where are you I asked. “I am watching my wife get fucked by a few men.” oh ok I said. At home? No he said at a party he said. “fair enough”

He’s quite an assertive guy, very eloquent and confident.

“So what do you want to talk to me about?” I want to talk you through what’s going on, if you want to direct her to do anything you can? Great I thought this is going to be a long call!

He informed me that she was on all fours. She was being fucked from behind while she wanked and sucked another cock. On the periphery two other guys were wanking and watching. They had been taking it in turns to use all her orifices for their own pleasure while the husband looked on.

The husband looked on as a spectator, in the knowledge he owned her. She was his and he was showing off his prized procession. He loved watching her.

He asked me to choose where the four men should cum. I said breast and face.

We talked for nearly and hour. I heard everything. Him directing what was going on etc. Before he decided he wanted to cum.

When she had been completely defiled and used. When everyone except him had cum more than once in some cases. He went over made her spread her legs and fucked her while she held the phone on speaker. His rule was that he was the only one to cum inside her pussy.

From what I heard and know about them they have an extremely successful relationship. And an amazing sex life. She loves being his beautiful doll on display and he loves showing her off in every sense of the word.


4 thoughts on “Call from a sex party

  1. I’m curious! Did hearing this orgy turn you on? I think it would have caused Angus to swell within his cage if I had listened in. Great call for you though as it lasted a long time for big bucks and required a minimum of work. You must be very good at this job!

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  2. I’m very good at my job!
    I feel like I’m an appendage to the situation sometimes. I wouldn’t say it turned me on but I enjoyed it. I get fascinated by the dynamics of relationships and peoples sex lives. Is that weird? If it had I would have played and told ypu guys about it. I’m not shy about that as you know


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