I like you because you’re not faking it

There’s a scene is when harrying met sally. We all know which one! This picture should remind you in case you forgot.


If you don’t know and you’ve never seen it, which I doubt. She fakes an orgasm very loudly in this restaurant.

Sometimes I get men who like to hear me cum. Which I don’t like.  But it gives me the opportunity to have longer calls as I can drag it out.

I have one gent who spends about half an hour telling me about his day, how much he likes me etc. He says he spoke to lots of ladies online but never found any that weren’t faking. He said they start moaning telling him how horny they are. That they are waiting for him in stockings and suspenders blah blah blah.

I am different he says. He can tell I really cum because of how I build up, my breathing, the way I moan. He can tell because we chat and I invest time and effort into him. So he doesn’t mind paying as we have a connection.

I know the way to deal with him is to give him the girlfriend experience. It’s all about letting him think I’d actually really like to make love to him. (not fuck) that I think he’s sensual and sexy. That given the chance I’d love him to lick my pussy.

I’m some ways I feel sorry for him. As he clearly believes I’m being truthful. I’m just a better actress and play the game better than other chicks he’s come across on the lines.

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