Ewww are you kidding me? used sanitary wear!

P I’m not one for dealing with things that make me squeamish. In real life I can’t handle it. Its amazing I have handled it as a mum.

But today I heard something that actually made me consider if I would take a call. I hear a lot of stuff as you guys know. requesting used lingerie, piss, shit etc. I think I have grown quite used to it. If someone wants me to send them a shit in the post, fine as long as you pay me. I’m not usually fazed.

But today I spoke to someone for the first time. (I tend to go with the flow with new callers to see where they are at) She was fully dressed in short skirt, blouse, lingerie, make-up and hair done. I’m not really sure if she was trans, sissy or CD because we mainly spoke about how she liked to look. She was asking about me. Not everyone who calls has seen my pics. So I explained im 5.11 a uk 16 and a 38F breast. Im very pale, very long dark curly hair with blue eyes. So you’re very feminine then she asked. Yes id say I am, most guys seem to like me I said. Thats what I want, a super womanly lady, curvy and hot. That’s what I aspire to.

I really did not expect what she asked next. She asked about my period. How it felt, did it make me feel more womanly etc. Errrrr yes I guess it does was my response. She then informed me she was “wearing a tampon” ok I said. How does that make you feel? I quizzed. Feminine, like a woman, sexy she responded. The she come out with this unusual request.

“I’d really like to have my own bloody sanitary wear, I check in bins in the ladies toilets, I know it’s a bit weird. But how do you feel about sending me yours?”

Errrrr what!! Now I’m not adverse to sending used things or bodily waste ie shit, panties Iv pissed in on purpose etc. But I guess I was a bit taken back. No one has ever asked for this in two yrs!

I said she’d have to stay in contact and when the time comes I’d consider sending it….I’m not sure I will but it gives me time to know her.




7 thoughts on “Ewww are you kidding me? used sanitary wear!

  1. Go for it. It’s a chance to make money and you’re not hurting anyone. I know of that kink. Not common but still practiced by some . Sending your used products has to be better than letting people root through garbage bins.

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