Stiletto in your palms while I sit on your face

I’m not a huge fan of pain myself. But I don’t mind inflicting a bit. I’m very good at painting a picture at what I could do.

Although I’m very tall 5.11 but in heels I’m 6.3! But it doesn’t stop me wearing heels, I love them. Which today’s caller loves.

I understand why heels are sexy, they elongate the leg, lift the bottom and make body language sexy. But I’m not sure I’d like to be trampled by them like today’s caller.

I set the scene of him waiting for me in a hotel room. I told him I would just walk in as he would leave the door open for me. It would be at exactly 12pm when he is on lunch from work. Id be wearing my hair up. Red lips, tight black skirt suit, stocking suspenders and very sexy lingerie. But most importantly a pair of very expensive sky-high paignton black heels.

I would walk into the room and order him to lay on the floor very straight with his hands by his side. I wouldn’t say another word other than orders I direct at him. To which he has to answer yes Miss. I wonder around him circling him like a shark. I then tell him to out his hand palm flat above his head. “Yes Miss” I hear back. As I continue to circle my prey I being to stand on his palms, making sure the heel goes directly into the palm. Almost twisting it in there for good measure. I gradually put more pressure on him till, I can see its causing marks and he’s being to squirm and moan. A which point, I stand on his chest. I can see hes struggling with that, he can’t breath and the heels are causing marks and piercing him.  So I tell him to beg me for what I want! he knows what its is because he’s a little slut. “please sit on my face Miss so I can serve your pussy”

I push his hands into a place where I can keep my heels dug in while I am sat on his face. I tell him he has to lick me very well or I will stand on his chest again. restricting his breathing and digging my heels in there. (I can hear how excited his is wanking his cock) I’m sat n his face making him stick his tongue out so I can use it for my own pleasure. I Tell him i wont speak again until he’s done his job. “Yes Miss”

After a few mins I tell him how good he has been and that as a reward he can wank after I leave the room. I hear him cum with that. He says thank-you  miss. I will call back soon.

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