I think I have to leave wordpress

When I started this blog I didn’t do it to make money. I did it firstly because a friend talked me into it. Sad I know.

I didn’t think anyone would read it. Given there’s a whole host of erotica writers, sex, and adult themed blogs out there now.

My only wish after being pushed into blogging was to be seen and to have a record of my life re calls. Now I’m not particularly social media savvy. I don’t do it personally. I don’t get Facebook etc. So I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t realise that I’d be reported for having adult content.

I recognise that there’s a reason for restrictions. But I didn’t realise how restricted I’d be. I knew I couldn’t monetize, but thats fine, I didn’t want to anyway. But now I find, I can’t use tags, I’m hidden in the searches etc. I’m really not happy.

How do people get around this?

25 thoughts on “I think I have to leave wordpress

    1. I asked support that…they gave me a form to report them….like I’d do that! I just don’t know how people will find me now Iv been blocked from the reader, tags and you can’t search for me either…I tried


      1. Yeah it’s the only reason to explain the sudden removal of people finding me…also support confirmed that would be the case…I’m fucking raging! I think I’d have to swap to a self hosted WordPress site and people woukd have to follow me there


  1. Personally, I believe the best way to gain followers is to read, comment, and follow other blogs with erotic content. Most will return the energy. Additionally, people will see your comments around and may check out your work as well.

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  2. Btw, your latest post (the one after this) is showing up in my reader. It may be because I’m following you. This takes me back to my previous comment…build a quality following through engagement.

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  3. I believe there may be a difference if you have your own domain name (vs. sexlinestories.wordpress.com) – so if you just had sexlinestories.com (or whatever) and still hosted it there, I don’t believe they care. It might be solvable for the cost of a domain name (and lots of places to get that very cheaply). Just a thought.

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  4. I did a google search for you. Typed in the name of the blog and wordpress and it was the second or third one in the list. I clicked and found your blog. This is 830 pm April 17, Alaska time. Maybe we haven’t caught up with the problem yet?

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    1. if you search for me in on wordpress itself i dont show. also when i use tags and then look for those tags myself i dont show. i think I show in your reader because you follow me. Support confirmed this. I know I show on google, thank you very for looking thats helpful of you x

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      1. I never think to look for anyone on WordPress. I often just find people by words I read or by others I follow. If someone doesn’t want to read me, so be it!

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  5. Here is what we did: we moved our domain to wordpress.org. You have to find a compatible platform (such as Hostgator) and then you can move the site yourself or, if you are not terribly savvy in such matters, you can ask WP to do it for you (I think they charge $100). The site will look the same to the readers and – mostly – to you. While powered by WP it will be hosted by a different platform and will free you up to advertise/write sponsored posts/ tags/backlinks etc. You will have to add some plugins yourself and do a little bit more of managing. But the WP technicians are always there to help (as well as the ones on the platform you choose).

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      1. You have to get Jetpack otherwise you will lose a bunch of handy dandy stuff (like spellcheck). We also use mail chimp for newsletters and Aksimet for spam. They are not particularly expensive. Between domain/platform etc you should estimate an expense of $300 a year to maintain the site


      2. Also, if you do want to retain WP, make sure the platform is compatible. Not all are. You can go to wordpress.org and figure it out. You should expect to receive fewer likes when you move. Our readership didn’t diminish – it increased – but because you get booted off the WP reader, many WP users will have to add you manually instead of just finding you there. And our experience is that people who are not in the WP world don’t bother with the like button

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