Boot on the other foot. I didn’t like it!!!

The boot was on the other foot and I didn’t like it! Not one bit.

I think Iv said im not the average size. I’m 5.11 in height a UK 16 and F cup breasts. So when a caller is interested in size I can normally fit into what every there fantasy is. Ordinarily it’s about being sat on, overpowered physically and domination.

I stupidly assumed this caller would be the same. He started off with the I love bigger women etc line. Ok I thought let’s do this. We went through the usual pleasantries before he took complete control. (I offer a phone service so I can’t really control who and what kinks call me.) He told me he wanted my fat arse bent over and to call me a fat pig. He wanted me to bark like a dog, spank me etc. All the things I do to other callers! Hell nooooo I’m thinking

He started hurling abuse at me. I felt completely unnerved and out of my comfort zone. I’m a very confident person. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself in fact that kind of makes up a lot of who I am. (I know it’s a service but no point offering a fake service and faking it, well I probably could, but it just goes against my grain.) So before I knew what I was saying I lost it. “How fucking dare you ring me and abuse me like this you fucking prick! I’m not here for your bullshit! who the fuck do you think you are.” His response was, Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you couldn’t fucking handle it…..WTF! I’m thinking. I don’t think I would have reacted this way if he had just taken control in a different way. I just found it all so personal and offensive. I not sure if it was about him trying to humiliate me or not just to be mean if that makes sense?

So this is what I told him “look mate I get what you want to do,  I am sure there are ladies out there that are ok with this. I am just not one of them. I’m sure you’d prefer a more authentic call than me faking it down the phone. I don’t have it in me not to argue back as much as I might try lol.” I tried not to be a complete arse and make it a little funny. He was actually ok about it and took my defensive actions on the chin.

So it turns I do have some limits in who I’d talk to. Or maybe I use being authentic and not fake as a means of not dealing with the boot being on the other foot. Either way I’m rubbish at being humiliated I know that for Sure!

15 thoughts on “Boot on the other foot. I didn’t like it!!!

  1. Humiliation is a kink. If it isn’t yours then don’t worry about it and pass on these calls. You seem to be a naturally dominant person. There will be many many clients that want that service–I would guess far more than those like this caller.

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  2. Yes, this was an interesting twist for you. You know from your calls that some men enjoy receiving this type of treatment from you as a kink. You may even enjoy providing that form of humiliation as some men enjoy it providing it. But, as you mentioned to him, it isn’t your kink to be humiliated so it doesn’t work and just comes across as mean spirited.

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