Opening offer 1K to sleep with you?

I love it when a new “blagger” caller thinks you’ve never heard bullshit before. Like I have just fallen to earth and never heard a guy either A) lie to big himself up or B) lie to me because he thinks it’s what I want to hear.


I’m not arsed what you say or pretend to be. Pay me and get lost.

Today’s blagger extraordinaire started with “hey im chris” slightly over confidently  (I never tell names but I am assuming this wasnt actually his.) “hello” I said back. Then he was straight into his clearly well used lie. I’m not sure if his accent was made up, but he sounded like he was trying to talk with plums in his mouth, but not very well hehe.

“I am Chris, a banker from the city, I’m 6,2 dark and good-looking. Iv seen your pics, your tits are fucking amazing! I love them. Id love to get my cock in between them” yawn I’m thinking.

Sometimes I try to lead the conversation or subvert the callers route of conversation. Particularly when he says this. “How much to fuck you?” errrrr what now? Is my response almost laughing. “I can pay 1k, no make it 2k, you choose the hotel, time and date.” WFT do you think im just going to say yes hehe

I havent got a problem with ladies making cash this way. But it’s not for me. So I try to change the subject. Let’s go on camera so I can see you. I’m not meeting someone Iv never seen. (I was never going to meet him, I know a blagger, but I thought, I may as well make some money out of this idiot)  To which he says I’m not paying for a cam what if you choose not to meet me and I pay you for a cam……

GET FUCKING REAL MATE! You can’t pay for a cam yet you’re offering 2k to meet me. Get the fuck off my phone you arsehole!

Welcome back to work after a wk off sick I thought. He did make me laugh. He is probably some loser trying to live vicariously through me hehe

6 thoughts on “Opening offer 1K to sleep with you?

  1. It would appear that he has a low opinion of you! Only a couple thousand dollars?? I would suggest you are worth much more! I recognize that in your work you have some clients who are likely very nice, and some who are not. This fellow seems to fall into the second category. lol All the best!

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