I am sick, not at your beck and call!

I haven’t been very well this last wk. So I haven’t worked. Iv not even turned my laptop on to check emails etc.

Today I felt a bit better so decided I’d turn my phone and laptop on to check messages. I never really just disappear, I normally let clients know, leave a message or something.

I’m really quite shocked, wow the messages. They range from messages of missing and concern to outright pissedoffness. Fuck off im sick. I am not at your beck and call! I will thank those for concern. But when I’m ready in a few days those who have been just plain rude are getting a telling off to put it politely.

I never really think that I’m nothing other than an escape from the mundane. And clients are a means to an end for me. Although I do have connections with people I view them as superficial and easily replaceable. From both sides. There’s always a pervy kinky man to take advantage of and there’s always another chick to take a call/cam. I’m lucky I have regulars I know that, but they don’t own me. I understand that horniness and kink rule for some mens life. When they need it they need it. I get that. But I don’t think thats any reason to be rude when I am not around and havent fucking told you!

I have only one boss and that’s me! if you don’t like it fuck off is what I shall be telling them.

Maybe I’m not being very understanding as im sick but right now I don’t care!


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