Bend over the sink said the peeping Tom

Isn’t it funny how a place as mundane and workaday as a sink can provide sexual stimulation?

Where are you he said. I’m in the lounge, why? Go into the kitchen put the tap on and lean over the sink. Ok I said.

What are you wearing (I have learned it’s always best to say a skirt) it’s short and I have white panties on. I’m bent over the sink with a blouse on I have no bra on. You can see my nipples through.

I want you to slightly open your legs and lean over a bit he said. Is that so you can see the shape of my pussy I asked….yes. I want to just watch you wash the dishes for a short time, then I’m going to crawl on my hands and knees to the back of you and look up your filthy bitch skirt. You will know but you will pretend you don’t. I know you’re turned on. You like being watched don’t you? You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?

I can see you getting swollen and wet. I’m going to play with my rock hard cock. While you pretend it’s not happening, just going about your daily choirs. (I can hear them wanking his cock, quite fast actually. He’s moaning, breathing changed)

I bet you would like it if I sucked your throbbing cock right now wouldn’t you?  Yes!! Please!!

Imaging me catching you looking, I turn around, you panic and stand up. I look you in the eyes then rub your cock. I start to lower myself to your hard precum wet cock. I can see it glistening. I move closer to lick it off and taste you. I slowly and softly lick across the top

Fuck! Yes!!! (the caller has cum) The phone is dead. Short but effective hehe

7 thoughts on “Bend over the sink said the peeping Tom

  1. Amazing how quick we can be with the correct stimulus eh?? I admit that masturbation was something I used to do a lot. But I would try to take my time–effectively edging myself over and over till at last I couldn’t wait any longer and I would explode. Of course that was all pre-chastity. Now my wife edges me relentlessly but doesn’t allow me to cum. It’s 90 days since my last orgasm. But the right stimulus can make me rock hard in seconds. Have a great day.

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  2. Yeah it’s being able to tap into what the caller wants…I think he’d probably been masturbating a while beforehand…that happens a lot with callers. They cum quickly. It also costs less lol….yeah have a good day and wkend


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