Should I offer a new service?

Over the yrs I have found that people find it easy to tell me their inner thoughts. Iv always been good at helping people open up. I try not to judge or have opinions on what makes people tick.

Iv been thinking about the amount of crossdresser/sissys/trans I talk to and see. I seem to have an affinity with them. I find it easy to reassure the “passers” and just as easy to humiliate the sluts!

I’m thinking about setting up a service for these callers.

The thought came about mainly because of the fantasy worlds I have created for them. Whether they are a passers, trans or a sissy bitch. A few scenarios seem to work. Shopping for fem clothes ie lingerie, dresses make-up etc. Going to a bar or to a nice restaurant for lunch. Drinking wine, showing female mannerisms. The walk. How ladies hold a glass. Body language etc making them face the public regardless of their motive for wanting to or not as the case may be. Being in control of how they look and or how they engage with others. Recording. Taking pics and film of events. Slutting them out etc

These and other ideas are mainly created for the purpose of stimulating reactions. BUT the big question is would people like or want me to do it in reality?  Do they need me to be they’re dream come true do to speak. Could I off a service where I start at the beginning and move towards a more in-depth and satisfying service? more person centred, focus o the reality of what clients need rather than fantasy?

Its something that has been bobbing around my head for a few months now.It would be nice to get some feedback from readers?


12 thoughts on “Should I offer a new service?

  1. There are so many men who have no partner willing to indulge their fantasies that it is likely possible for this to work. Your service would validate their fantasy and get them off at the same time. I say go for it. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t cause you any problems either. Another thing you might consider is doing a key holding service for men who fantasize about enforced chastity. Good luck!

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  2. I gather most of your clients live in your area?
    Id say there is a growing need to open the kimono as it were, given the apparent liberalisation of sexual freedom which seems apparent these days. Has anal, BDSM, kinc, group sex and water sports ever been so openly discussed and practiced in other eras?
    I wonder how people will characterise our generation in years to come!

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  3. Well not exactly in the area. The furthest is London which is only a couple of hours. I’d do it for newbies to…..yeah it’s great how open people are now with themselves, it’s not always the case with others, but I’d say it’s getting better


  4. Absolutely! I think a coaching service for the trans/cross/etc might be eagerly appreciated. What newbie crossdresser, who might be dealing with shame or just lack of knowledge, wouldn’t welcome professional help in learning the ins and outs of feminine pulchritude? Go for it!

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