Pay like a client and I will treat you like one!

Before I started working on cams/calls I decided to try internet dating. It was a complete nightmare. I am pretty on the ball, I know how to find out where people steal pics from etc. It seemed that everyone was fake or not actually telling the true about who they were or their lives. So I decided to give it a swerve. But I did meet one guy who I felt like I would want to meet. We spoke on camera a few time (just chatted, nothing naughty) he was pretty local. creative, intelligent, been single for a few yrs, had his own business (which obviously I checked out) And best of all he was in the same personal situation as me. Bringing up a child completely alone. But it never really went anywhere. We would say hi every few months, have a chat online and that is as far as it would go.

At the time I met him I had an online lingerie and sex toy shop. So he knew I wasn’t shy about sex. And I knew he wasnt either. I have known him for about 3 yrs I guess, but it’s always been a passing online thing.

Recently I told him what I was doing for a living. As soon as I did a flood gate of kink came pouring out! WTF! He is your classic switch. But leans more to the sub role than dom. He is also partial to feminization, control and being  an all round bitch. Great I thought. Maybe we could move forward instead of saying hi every few months!

But then as is always my fear. It was all about my job and what I could do for him. He asked me If I would play on camera with him. (so let me get this right, you cant even find the time for a coffee, but now you want me to have fun cam camera with you? ) That totally pissed me off fuck off you cunt! (I never use that word, unless its needed) Dont fucking behave like a client you prick! It was like he was ticking off a fucking wish list! Looking back I can see he was probably excited by being able to talk to me about his kinky side. Also finding someone who didn’t think it was odd either must have been a bit of a revelation. But I was fucking fuming. To the point I told him to get fucked and leave me alone.This was about a month ago. He has contacted me on a number of occasions since basically begging to get involved with me. I haven’t entertained him in the slightest.

I may deliver a service that bends to meet the needs of clients in work. But like fuck am I doing that in real life! It would need to be a two thing where more of the way is mine! Where I feel like it’s about me as a person (not my job) I am the interested not what fucking kinky tick list you’ve got! get fucked!!

Now I know what I am about to say might be mean. But Iv done it now, cant change it. He contacted me on friday. He begged me to play on cam with him. So I said yes, I told him what to wear. Panties, stockings, eyeliner, red lipstick etc I also told him what toys to bring. I told him all the naughty things he wanted to hear. I gave him a time to be online……..

Then I left him high and dry! on purpose. Payback is a bitch.

Dont ever think that I am here to meet your needs or anyone elses! If you want that fucking pay for it you prick like everyone else!!

Dont think I will hear from him again. Point proved.





8 thoughts on “Pay like a client and I will treat you like one!

  1. Whew, you really let him have it…and not what he wanted, ha! He didn’t handle this well at all and was completely self-indulgent. Hope this is more the exception than the norm 😘

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  2. Yeah it is very much the exception! I think it happened because he didn’t know the real me to start off with. If he did he would have known I don’t take to kindly to people trying to take the piss out of me!


  3. Not a bit more than he deserved! It’s so very disappointing when someone makes it a game to get something for nothing. Sub my enormous ass. He was trying to flip you, I surmise, by manipulating you into doing what he wanted all along. Power play, but the bad controlling kind. Good riddance to him.
    PS: If he tries it again, tell him it will cost him. Special deal just for you!

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  4. One of my best friends ‘uses’ me because I can text a damn good scene and it makes him feel better, It is a long story, but I don’t mind. I’d rather text him and release some tension in a fun way than have him drink or cut (his wife is an absolute selfish iceberg, I also went to school with her). It does make me sad, though. I liked how you ‘showed’ this jerk who wanted to play. Made me smile!

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