Who are my callers?

Yesterday I was moaning about one of my callers  (The first one on this list) Anyways he got me thinking about the types of callers I receive. So after much thought (about half an hour, I am pretty au fait with them ) Below are the types I have identified.

The don Juan: This caller is the one that annoys me, very sure of himself. Thinks he is gorgeous. Has no sense of a womans needs really. Other than he thinks she’s there to look after him. He is normally quiet assertive and dominant. But not always in the right way. Has no other needs in life to think about but his own. sometimes in a relationship. Often sleeping around.

The sissy bitch: Very submissive, normally likes to be seen on camera, on display. Very easy to bend and do what I want. Normally has sexual openness to men (may never have tried but would if I asked him to) Likes to dress to impress in sexy clothing. Often has a professional job, intelligent and actually very eloquent in terms of his needs. Rarely in relationships, but desperate to be. Often has very casual sex with other couples he’s met online or through groups.

The hidden sissy bitch: All of the above. But he is in a relationship. His partner will most likely not know about his sexual preference. He will have a life outside of his marriage, possibly he will see a mistress. Never really feels at one with himself.

The I want to tell you a story: This caller always intrigues me. They often want to offload some story, information, crisis or life confusion. They behave like I’m their personal counselor. I love these guys because it’s often an in-depth complicated scenario. They welcome advice and opinions. They often ring back on numerous occasion to give an update or get further advice as the situations either changes or reveals itself.

The I am so horny I am not getting any! This caller is an it says, he’s not getting any sex, can be in or out of a relationship. Maybe sexless relationship or just can’t find a relationship, or someone to fuck to fill his desire. Could be cuck who’s in a cage and has absolutely no choices about his sex life.

The you’re my fake girlfriend: These callers tend to ring a just chat. For hours! They feel like I’m some sort of pseudo replacement fake girlfriend. It’s like I fill a void emotionally they can’t or don’t want to fill in reality, for a variety of reason. For instance been hurt in the past, confidence issues, no time to date. Maybe they like not being in a relationship, just every now and then loneliness gets to them. I tend to know a great deal about them and their lives.

Dominate me/fetish guy: Theses are callers who normally have very direct set fetish desires, possibly have a mistress, love spanking, human toilet, feet, adult nursing, cuckold, bdsm, size fetish etc. Sometimes they have a specific situation they get turned on by. They are normally always submissive. Think I have spoken to one in 2 yrs that was dominant.

The risk taker: Often calls me from a place he shouldnt, ie work, outside, sometimes someone elses home (plumber, workman etc) He’s a trophy taker. Other people’s panties, bras etc. occasionally they call when their wife, family or others are in the house. They get off on the fear of getting caught.


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