I am faking it you prick! Fuck off!

Sometimes I speak to men who just think they are fucking irresistible and the sexiest thing since sliced fucking bread! over-confident, over confident sexually and just loves himself!

I spoke to a guy this morning who pulled out every corny line. Talking me through what he’d do to me,  he decided to tell me what I was thinking and how I was feeling. How hard my clit was and how wet I am!  He thought he was teaching me a thing or two. “bet you haven’t done that before have you?” he was proclaiming . Basically talking about wanking and twisting my clit……Is he for fucking real! Get off my phone! and no I don’t want to show you on camera!

It’s not like I have a prob with men talking the lead. This was more that women are irrelevant to him he thinks I have nothing to say or that I shouldn’t.

But being the consummate actress I was sat watching TV thinking to myself you’re such a nob. Like you’d ever get near me! I played along. Then put the phone down. Why do some men think they are don fucking Juan!


Rant over

6 thoughts on “I am faking it you prick! Fuck off!

  1. I dunno… sliced bread’s pretty sexy…

    Guys like that just make me sad. They have no idea how to relate to people at all. They think they can memorize a few lines and trick people into thinking they, too, are also human. To me, it just sounds like they’re terrified of socialization and are seeking techniques to “cheat” their way through it.

    Some young man wrote up a book of “perfect” lines to use for hitting on women, which women supposedly found “irresistible.” But it was clear that it was just a collection of shit-headed lines, clichés, and unfunny jokes he dreamed up in his head, lying alone once more on his cold and loveless bed.

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