Car park bitch show off!

Iv only been chatting to this gent about 3 mths. He’s moved onto my own service from the line. As he rings me quite a lot. He works nights so normally rings at the end of a shift, when his wife is at work.

I have a few characters that I use including my own. I have my fuck buddy. Plus I use a big black guy who likes to fuck sissy bitches. Both of these characters are made up. And I talior them but essentailly those are two I stick with. It helps me to have set characters as I’d get lost otherwise. That’s what dyslexia does to me grrrrr

This gent is massive he’s 6.7! but hes a gentle giant. He thinks about being fucked by a man. He’s never done it, but likes to engage in the same fantasy world every time he calls.

I dress him up in stockings, panties, a sexy dress and heels. I make him practice walking in them. Show me how sexy he can be. I then take him to a bar in the city where I live (it’s very LBGTQ friendly here) Because of his height he stands out and is the center of attention. All theses guys looking at him. He loves it! I make him flirt with a few until we get to Dave (character) He is a  well set black guy who likes sissys bitches. He has a huge cock that he likes to be sucked. I ask the caller to beg to suck it, shout it out, make Dave believe you want his cock. I can hear him begging, breathing heavy. I ask him if he likes being the center of attention. He responds yes. Ok then, take Dave outside and show him. He takes Dave to a car-park. Its open, anyone walking by can see through it. I tell him to unbutton Dave’s trousers and suck his cock. He does. Youd love a cock in your mouth wouldn’t you? yes he’s says. I’m desperate for it. You’re a little cum slut really aren’t you? yes he says. Tell me what you really want. Nothing he says. Fucking tell me right now Or I will put the phone down. I wanna be fucked bare back. Bend over the nearest car you whore. Pull your cheeks apart and plead with Dave. I can hear him begging Please  Dave fuck me, please I need it. (I have a rule that if hes being fucked up the arse that’s where his fingers should be, I can tell if he does it or not because of breathing and response) fuck me bare back! A crowd of men start to gather (he likes big burly men) they watch him getting fucked in his sexy stockings and heels. He notices that some get their cocks out to wank and watch. You want to suck one don’t you? no he says, Yes you do you little slut! Choose the one you want and beg him. But before he knows it someone else has taken control of his mouth! holding his head a fucking his mouth. Making him gag.

Bent over the car for all to see. Dave rubs his cock up and down his arse before pushing it deep in his arse.  The caller is getting fucked by Dave while his mouth fucked by a stranger with a throbbing cock. He wants to cum. I tell him to want until the stranger cums in his mouth. I tell him to think about the taste the texture, how the cock could feel twitching. I can hear him getting close. He’s looking at all the men wanking over him. Feeling Dave’s cock in his arse. The stranger cum in his mouth he can taste the salty cum. (Stop wanking and playing I tell him) he does this straight away.

Be a good boy and tell me why I should let you cum. Because I do everything you ask. I dress how you tell me. I would actually fuck anyone you want in real life. I’m your bitch. It’s like you have a power over me and I can’t stay away from you.  Thats a good answer. Maybe If you’re lucky I might actually take you and whore you out you fucking slut! put your finger back up youre arse I want to hear you cum. I get him out shout out he’s my bitch as loud as he can. Worrying the neighbour might hear (I don’t care if they do) I do the countdown. Which he loves 10-0 making him shout out very loudly what a bitch, cum slut, whore, sissy bitch, cock loving cunt he is with every number til he cums.

I love my job sometimes! hehe


6 thoughts on “Car park bitch show off!

      1. Ty maam, yes i do, after being a closet cocksucker in denial for years, ive went from long haired rocker type to fem smooth sissyslut owned by my lady and encouraged to be the slut i was born to be.
        A blessing!
        Lovin your blog maam

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It must have been had denying who you are, not everyone is as brave. Good for you! And now you have a strong lady to keep you in Check!
        Ps don’t call me ma’am. Makes me sound like the Queen lol


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