Forbidden fruit: part two

I wrote a few wks ago about a gent who was desperately trying not to fuck his dads younger hot wife. But all he could think about was fucking her and it was driving him crazy!


He called back today. So the update is this. She is definitely fucking other men. In fact a few other men. How do you know this I asked him. By detection he laughed. “explanation please?” was my response. I went into her room again, I found some new stuff. I found photographs of her naked, posing. Your dad could have taken them I said. NO he said there was a pic where I could see a man in a mirror. It wasn’t my dad he told me. I checked her web history, more specifically porn. Turns out she’s into black man and group porn. The guy in the pic was black. Oh ok I said. How does that make you feel I asked. “fucking horny as fuck” I love the fact I know she is a dirty bitch.  I get turned on by looking her stuff when she doesn’t know, its like a voyeur thing. I love it. A few days ago I was looking around her room and found her toys. One is a huge dildo, she didn’t clean it afterwards.  I could smell her on them. I could tell she had it up her arse. I wanna fuck her arse. I had to have a wank he said. she turns me on so much I know she is forbidden fruit but I will fuck her.

She still teases me getting undressed (across from his room at night) so I can see her breasts and hairy pussy that I am desperate to lick. Its like she’s flaunting herself just to get off on it! like she has power over me and she’s enjoying it!

I could hear him wanking, getting turned on by telling me, breathing changing.

What would you like to happen with her? Id like to catch her at it at home. Id like to watch for a little while. Then Id like to let her know I am there. When all the commotion is over and the guy/s have left. When she is trying to convince me not to tell my father. Id like to use it against her. I want her to suck my cock. I want to fuck her. But I don’t want to get caught. Catching her will help, give me leverage. So I will bide my time and watch! good luck I said! (bit of stalker I was thinking lol)

So whist  am being his personal life coach/counsellor hehe,  lets wait and see if he gets his chance.





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