Curvy girl, thin girl, big feet!

I know a lot of men like feet. But normally they are small beautiful nail painted feet. So when I spoke to this caller I kind of made a joke at first. Which he was ok about.

He proclaimed he liked extremes. As I’m a tall curvy lady with dark hair, he wanted the opposite to join us. A younger thin willow like, blonde, with small breasts and an easily manipulated weaker personality than myself. BUT!  She had to have extra-large long feet! (capital L) I laughed. Yes he said.


Do you need to be in sight of them? I said. Yes he responded. I want both of you to take advantage of me in a dominant way. But you have to lead he said. Ok I responded.

What are you wearing? I asked. Pink panties and skin colored stockings responded.

I want you to imaging me being there right now with my younger slut. I want you on the dinning room table on all fours. I am dressed top to toe in black latex and have a large strap-on on. My assistant is naked apart from a strap on too. I am going to ask her to sit in a chair and watch me spank you with my riding crop. I am walking around you calling you my little bitch, tapping you on different parts of your body. I am going to rub my crop up and down your asre cheeks you little slut! tell me my name you bitch! he responds Mistress. Beg me for it? beg me to put this crop across your asre and tell me why I need to? what have you done to warrant this?

I have been looking at her feet I know I shouldn’t but it turns me on he responds. That deserves a spanking! you whore, I didn’t tell you could look at her did I? no he says.  (I make him bend over and spank himself. I can’t hear it! harder I say. Do it again!! Have you brought your toys slut?….yes mistress)   I ask my assistant to come over. Stand in front of him I order. He can see a phallic shape in front of him. And looking down he can see her big feet. I put the tip of my crop in his arse. I’m rubbing that spot you like touched, you like that don’t you? yes he says. Whilst I am playing with your arse youre going to suck her cock! (put a toy in your mouth I want to hear you suck it) You like a bit of cock in your mouth don’t you? no he says. Well that’s just hard luck I say as I direct the other woman to hold his head while she fucks his mouth. (All the while he is looking at her feet, getting turned on by them) I am being quite abusive calling him a whore who likes to suck cock, a cum slut a fucking bitch who I am going to fuck in the arse. I tell him as he’s choking on her strap on, but he can’t look away because he will lose sight of her feet.

I ask her to stop,  while I ask him, does he like cock up the arse to? do you like it up the arse you fucking bitch? again he responds with no. Yes you do I say. I am going to spank you till you tell the truth. (I make him spank his arse hard and fast a few times) until he says yes mistress I want it up the arse. Dame right you do you fucking slut! I tell him I am going to ram my cock up his arse and fuck him like a bitch. But at the same time big feet is going to make him choke on her cock. I carry on screaming at him. I can hear him wanking his cock so hard and fast. Stop I tell him. I did this just before I knew he was going to cum. I told him he couldn’t come unless he begged me first. which he ever so politely did. I then counted down from ten, telling him with every number to describe the feet in detail, each toe, each mark and each crease. When I got to one, I allowed him to cum.



2 thoughts on “Curvy girl, thin girl, big feet!

  1. It’s impressive to “watch” you in action like this. All the little things, the commands and details, none of this would ever occur to me if I had to write a fictional story about this situation. There’s so much more to this than I can imagine.

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