My cash cow wants a date! Fuck! what do I do?

My cash cow is a man who I have spoken to since day one. He is a professional  guy, funny, naughty and a very tall gent who I actually get on well with as a person. We seem to be very similar.If I had met him in a bar I would be attracted to him.

But as is my rule Id never date or fuck anyone from work.

He is the only client who knows my name. (told him by accident) When we play on camera I actually play. He calls/cams for about 3-4 hours a wk. So I spend quite a lot of time with him. In the past on one occasion he suggested meeting up and maybe becoming fuck buddies. I tried to be diplomatic about the whole thing and let him down gently without ruining a pretty good thing I have going with him. He backed off but didn’t call as much for a few wks. I think maybe his pride was hurt or he thought I was taking the piss out of him for money. (which in a way I am) I provide a service he pays for so it’s also just a transaction.  But I guess he got over it and we got back to normal relations.

Yesterday he suggested meeting again but for a date, not fucking an actual date.. I told him I can’t as I don’t do dating, I tried to tell him accept this for what it is. He was really trying to convince me. He told me I could go at my pace etc. That is nice of him but I dont think he was listening to what I was saying.  I don’t want to risk losing him. But mixing business and pleasure can’t be a good idea! I cant date/fuck him, then expect him to pay for cams and calls. The alternative is to charge him for dating/sex, and keep it all business. But, I dont want to go down that road.  Or I could stop all business contact. Then think if I would consider anything outside of my work? (but I really know that is not what i want to do) But what I do know if I say no he will probably disappear. Cash cow gone!

I am a professional flirt, and although I am not a great writer, put me in a room with a few people and I will charm the pants off them. Iv done it so well I think maybe he thinks its more. I have been drawn into it as he is actually someone in real life Id consider dating. But i made a choice to not date. I just don’t have the time. And whats worse I just can’t be bothered to make the effort.  Iv not dated in a long time! and you cant tell! hehe now I’m stuck in my ways. I have had fuck buddies, but that’s it. Just sex. So now I am in a position of what the fuck to do?

I think I have lost my cash cow! gutted!

27 thoughts on “My cash cow wants a date! Fuck! what do I do?

      1. I def like complexities. We spend too much time trying to be “normal.” I’d rather just be myself, whomever that may be. You have mastered that in your writing. Definitely, shoot me an email and we can finish this convo there…

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  1. In my own businesses I keep personal and private separate. There are thousands of men out there so why upset your business for one, however nice they may seem. There will always be another man and one that won’t complicate your work. I guess that’s the domme in me but it’s how I see things.

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      1. Of course Lady A is and yes another will come along. Ultimately your the boss, decision maker and a Sissy Sub ‘s opinion like mine is irrelevant and tho that’s what I am I’m educated and somewhat intelligent. Just showed this to my Mistress/ fiancé we re lying in bed. She agrees with Lady A also. Stephie

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      2. Although he was never a sub (in the true sense) he was never more than a bill payer in my eyes. Despite him being easy to work with. So yes lady A is correct. I will just have to use my charm and be careful about how I choose my next cash cow! Hehe

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you may have lost him. But maybe that’s the inevitable end of the trail? He has to look at how much he’s spent and what he has to show for it. Obviously it’s not a commodity, it’s a service, and it has satisfied his need all this time.

    But that’s probably not what he’s thinking. Like you say, you two really have a connection and a relationship. I think you’re doing the right thing in not giving into his request, however, because… maybe once he dates you, he thinks he owns you? So instead of losing the cash cow, you lose your entire clientele. You’ve no indication that he’ll be comfortable letting you continue to make your income, even if he assures you he’s fine with it. And he has no idea what it will feel like, what he’ll think, when he loses the fantasy and you enter his life and he has to accept all the very human aspects of you beyond the projection of his desires.

    I don’t think you did anything wrong. You have clear rules and boundaries, and I think it’s wise to observe those.

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  3. Of course I have no experience with this as I’m not a woman but I imagine this is a big struggle for the girls in this type of career/job/etc. The guys get so attached that they feel like its more than just fun for money (whatever the fun may be). Then the attachment grows and they think “wow she likes me” when “she” is just really good at her job and what she does. Then it puts everyone in a hard place. It really must suck being a girl so much of the time because anyone you’re ever nice to a guy they think you like them and want to date/fuck/whatever.

    Sounds like this guy doesn’t “get it.” Just like I don’t “get” that I over use quotation marks. Like you said, he said he can go at your pace but you don’t want any pace to be gone at.
    As a guy I can only assume that he’s thinking the short bit of time you spend with each other (3-4 hours a week) is what the entire relationship would be like. But during that time you are always “on” and can’t be vulnerable, weak, cranky, etc like everyone is every other part of our day from time to time. He’s seeing you as the perfect you.

    I’m totally just rambling, sorry 🙂 I definitely don’t think you should alter anything and just continue to say to him that anyone you cam for you don’t do anything outside of that arena with. Setting a bad precedent for future people and well…who is to say if you date he’d even want you to continue doing that.

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