Medical fetish guy. We won’t speak again!

In all the time Iv been speaking to this rubber loving medical fetish freak. (about a yr) the only thing he’s ever really got involved with is making sure he’s top to toe in rubber when he calls. Including a rubber apron, mask and blanket he liked to lay over himself. He’s always happy for me to take the lead and talk him through operations, breast implants. Cock being cut of and remoulded into a vagina etc.

So today I was completely surprised when he suggested he’d like to operate on me (er what!) I asked him how and what he’d like to do? I just want to talk about being in theater with you. Ok fine i said feeling a little apprehensive. (Iv got the gift of the gab. And a good imagination for off the cuff storytelling. Blagging I think is the term lol) I could hear the panic in his voice when I agreed so I knew he would struggle. I just wanted to see what he’d say if I’m honest. His voice was shaky. He started off telling me I was on an operating table naked with a rubber sheet over me……

That’s as far as he got. He panicked and put the phone down. Afterward I got a bit reflective. Thinking about how his call had done a complete about turn. I’m thinking that’s the last time I will speak to him. Not sure if that’s an over reaction but my gut says it should end.

I have to be very careful with men I speak to. And although I’m pretty open to things others might not be. I’m normally aware of when I should end a call or take a step back. Today was more than a step back. It was a complete end.

Safety is always in the back of my mind. That is why I have a fake persona, name etc. Trust is a big issue in my line of work. And I take it very seriously.

2 thoughts on “Medical fetish guy. We won’t speak again!

  1. Wow, that’s a little eerie. Maybe his reaction would’ve given me a moment’s pause but I don’t know if I would’ve reacted with sufficient strength. But to hear your reaction, with your experience and intuition and understanding of the power dynamic… to see you a little shaken is powerful. There’s something much deeper going on here that I can’t really understand, but I trust in your reaction and believe you did the right thing, absolutely.

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    1. People rarely do an about turn like that without having been hiding something first….if he had chatted to me before to explain why he wanted the change I might have let him go with it if I felt the reasoning had no real depth and meaning towards me….

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