Am I a mistress and a mistress?

I read a blog over the wkend about cheating. Since then Iv been thinking about my own situation where I was cheated on. Also the strange feeling that the article left me with. Which mainly focuses on the fact I never really think about my job as anything other than that, a job. I provide a service. And although I do have men I speak to on a regular basis, it’s always just a job. I recognize  there is a mutual understanding around what I can do for them sexually. Which is normally something they unwilling to share with partners for a variety of reasons. Shame, fear, tried before and wife didn’t like it etc.  I also recognize that for some of them I fill and emotional need to. This might sound strange but,  I know a lot about them and their lives. We chat about everyday things, wives/GFs, work, life etc. So it’s not just a sex based thing they call me for. I like it like that because it ensures they feel like I give a toss and it gives then a sense of having a friend they can share sexual things with. it makes my earning life easier to. But am I a fuck buddy?


When I think about the idea of me being a virtual fuck buddy it throws up some questions Id never before considered. I am a mistress? do I encourage cheating? Am I arms length cheating, all the full without and real contact? Am I easier to hide? Do I make the callers realize how unhappy they are? Now I know not everyone who rings me is unhappy in their relationships. Some are just like a dog with two dicks. But still I bet there wives etc don’t know about me. Of course there are a few that are “allowed” to ring me. I have a guy in a cock cage that wants me to chat everyday life to him when he’s frustrated, until it passes. That is with the permission of his mistress.

But all those slight anomalies  aside. I think I am in a number of pseudo fuck buddy relationships. Should I have a moral conscience about that is the next question I should ask myself? Given I have been in the situation the callers partners are in (well almost, I know actually fucking someone may be viewed differently, but I bet the wives wouldn’t see it that way). Well my answer to that is no is shouldn’t. I don’t have a moral obligation to the partners, the callers do. I am providing a service, that if I am honest they would find somewhere else. And possible in reality rather than online. Does that mean I play a part in keeping relationships together? well I guess there could be an argument for that.

But I think having thought about this a lot over the past few days. I don’t care! My only concern is to myself and my son. I enjoy the arm’s length part of what I do myself. And as long as my conscience is clear I am fine. I know some people might think that sounds mean of me. But that s my choice.


6 thoughts on “Am I a mistress and a mistress?

  1. We’ve just been enjoying your blog, I’ve been sharing info on our lifestyle, about it for me. Find some of your posts interesting, informative. Stephie

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  2. You are right when you say you have no moral obligation to either your clients or their wives. It’s just a business relationship. Similarly, the client has no moral obligation to you either. You’re not being mean; you’re being practical. I am enjoying your blog!

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  3. If someone cheats on their spouse with you, that’s really not your problem. The cheater was in a relationship, they found you, they made their own decisions and took their own actions.

    If you went out and hunted someone down and beleaguered them or forced yourself upon them, that would be a different story (and a fantasy, for some). But that’s not what’s happening here. A married person can see you, desire you, and still choose not to call you up or divide their affection/attention between multiple people. You’re offering a service, and everyone knows what it entails: it’s up to the consumer to use their judgment.

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