Adult nursing relationship

The opening line to this call was “have you got big tits?” yes I said. Why?

“Have you ever breast-fed?” (normally I’d never answer this, I get a bit weird about it given I have, but I knew where this was going) yes I said. “would you ever let a man suckle from you? I’m not being weird, it’s just a thing. I find it comfortingly arousing” he said.

To answer this question I think you need to understand why men like lactating breasts. Most women would consider this something that violates the sacred relationship between mother and child and would worry about its links to children. Myself included in that.

But having questioned a few men about this and looking at online forums I believe it to be more based on this.Breast are a sexual part of the body, men love caressing them, squeezing them, touching them. Nipples are responsive, sensitive, arousing when played with they have a direct link to the clit for a lot of women (me included).women enjoy them being fondelled too.  I think breastfeeding a man is more about closeness than how it first appears (which is weird!) It’s about adding something different but also a bit taboo for excitement purposes. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, I just wanted to understand why men like it, as my first response is what the fuck!

But now I feel like I have a bit of understanding around it. I feel like I can take these calls. So my answer is yes.

The caller wanted me to talk about riding his cock while I feed him my breasts. He wanted to be sucking my nipples and feeding from me. (I wouldn’t do this in real life) but as this is fantasy life and I am clear it’s about being close to women and nothing more. I am fine about it (almost). When he talked about caressing in it was in a very sensual sexual way confirming what I had originally thought about the closeness.

I don’t get calls like these often, but it helps that I do a bit of reasearch on things that might arise.


5 thoughts on “Adult nursing relationship

  1. Cracks me up when someone brings up some weird-ass topic and then insists “I’m not being weird.” Let the historians and philosophers be the judge of that.

    Still, I’ve been struggling with one aspect of human breast milk. I’ve never played around with this IRL, but when I sit back and think about it, it seems perverse to drink the milk of another animal (which much of the world has been raised to do and accept as normal). It seems like the only milk I should be consuming should come from the same species… yet I have zero desire to explore this to any degree. Rice milk for my cereal, and calcium from all its other sources for me.

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  2. While i don’t share the fetish, i do find it interesting that women find it weird.
    Nature made it so all babies, male and female would seek nourishment and associated care and love from the act, so i wouldn’t find it a stretch that some people have a fetish about it.
    Some may associate spanking with some childhood experience with pleasure… yes i know its controversial, however perhaps along the same reasoning?

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